Neshama memorial site

Source: Mimms, Christopher (2013) Now There is a Facebook for Dead People, Quartz /

After recent articles explaining about how to permanently delete Facebook accounts and how Facebook lets you create a memorial page in the event of the death of a loved one, Jabbersite writers were interested to find out that the process has been taken one stage further.

It seems that an Israeli entrepreneur has endeavoured to create a “Facebook for dead people” by spending tens of thousands of dollars on the Neshama site. The creation of the site has involved the photographing and logging of over 120,000 gravestones with each page created intended to be a memorial for someone where friends and family can leave tributes.

Although Neshama currently only includes a total of five graveyards, the concept behind the site seems very exportable. Our source article points out that it has not been established whether the site founder Shelly Furman Asa actually had permission to take the photographs although in the United States this would not be a specific problem as there is little legislation to prevent gravestones being photographed.

Christopher Mimms points out that Neshama differs to Facebook as it can document further back than 2004 when Facebook was launched as gravestones have been marking the site of deceased people for thousands of years. An interesting statistic he raises is the fact that Facebook could actually have more dead members than living by as early as 2065 under the current demographics, and from then on the numbers will only rise.

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