free weather app for iphone

free weather app for iphone

free weather app for iphone

free weather app for iphone

A popular app download genre is the free weather app for iPhone and iPad, with many users liking the ability to predict upcoming weather in their local area and places they will be visiting. Yo Window is a free weather app for iPhone and iPad that is reduced from a premium price for a short time. The app shows animated current weather conditions and a graphical impression that you feel best suits your local area will be displayed in the background. Predictions are provided based on data provided by leading meteorological organisations.

Once launched then the app is a breeze to use with an incredibly simple interface. You simply need to set the place you want to know the current weather for and forecasts (the app can use your GPS to find your location). The temperature figures and conditions will then be displayed on the screen for your chosen location. A chosen graphical impression of your local area will be displayed in the background with a current weather animation.

Swipe to the side to see forecasts for later in the day and the animation and daylight will change to reflect this. It is a really cool feature and extremely accurate. We checked this in various different locations and the weather predictions were fairly accurate being sourced from and NWS. The sunrise and sunsets happened exactly as they did in real life. Weather forecasts were never so much fun.

Of course the forecast can get it wrong from time to time but that is the same as normal weather forecasts. But all in all this app is a joy to have and more interesting than the standard weather app included on the iPhone and iPad.

The Good

  • Animated weather conditions an hi-detail graphical background
  • Swipe gestures to see weather forecasts
  • Accurate forecast data sources

The Bad

  • We can’t really find much wrong with this app for the functions it provides

The Verdict

If you are a fan of using an app to check upcoming weather on your iPad or iPhone then Yo Window is certainly worth a download especially while it is free. It provides a fun, graphically-rich way of checking weather in different locations around the world, coupled with fairly accurate forecasts. Perhaps a tab system to make displaying multiple locations might be an improvement but otherwise this is a completely sound app.

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