instaflash photo editor for iPhone

instaflash photo editor for iPhone

instaflash photo editor for iPhone

A common issue that has been had with iPhone cameras is the flash. Like many camera flashes it can provide too much light giving unnaturally light colours in your photos. A solution to this is to turn off the camera flash and take longer exposure photos to gain more natural colouring. However this can result in many areas of your photos being cast in shadows. Instaflash is a free photo editing app for iPhone that enables you to correct shadowy areas in your photographs and make other adjustments to turn dull shots into bright colourful images.

Once launched it is fairly simple to use you the app. You are given the choice between editing a photo from your iPhone photo library or capturing a shot using the in-app camera. Once you have chosen a photo to work on then the fun begins.

At the base of the screen you are given a range of editing options for playing with the exposure, contrast and tones of your photo. These include shadows, contrast, temperature, tint, saturation, sharpness and geometry. You can also download further adjustment tools via an in-app purchase. Adjusting your photo with the editing tools is very easy. You simply need to slide the adjustment bar until the image is aesthetically pleasing enough to you. You will be amazed at the difference you can make to a seemingly dark exposure and keep the photo quality of the image.

Once you have completed your image adjustments you can save the image to your camera roll as a new image ensuring you keep the original. You are also given the in-app sharing options of email or Twitter.

The Good

  • Easy to adjust editing tools
  • Edit any photo from iTune photo library
  • Save photo to camera roll and retain original
  • Photo quality not substantially reduced

The Bad

  • We couldn’t find much wrong with this app

The Verdict

Instaflash Photo Editor is a fantastic app for lighting up shadowy areas left when taking a photo with your iPhone. I found it incredible just how much light and colour they could add to a photo, without the expected loss in image quality. This app has just become free from a formerly premium price of $1.99 and is currently ranked #33 in free Photo-Video apps for iPhone, as well as #9 in free Photo-Video apps for iPad. Download it and add light to dark dull photos.

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