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Hideman free VPN on iphone install

Hideman free VPN on iphone install

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a feature which allows you to browse anonymously and protect your data from being viewed by other network users. These can be of exceptional use when you are abroad and wish to access country-specific services such as TV sites or wish to protect your data when using a public WiFi service. We have received many enquires to ask how to get free VPN on iPhone or iPad as most services are fairly expensive to use. Hideman is an app which although it does have premium rates does allow 5 hours of free VPN service every week to all users. This makes it a fantastic choice for masking an IP address, accessing blocked sites and encrypting your data.

When you need to access the web securely with no limitations Hideman will keep your IP address hidden. It has a clean design interface and is simple to use. With the free plan you do get some limitations regarding bandwidth and speed however if you need more then there is a wide range of reasonably priced premium plans to suit every need. Monthly tariffs range from $2.90 to $9 or plans can be purchased by the week or year if you need shorter or longer-term access. You should also be aware of the guidelines to usage.

Definitely the most useful feature of Hideman in our eyes is the ability to bypass country-specific website restrictions or viewing restrictions. If you live outside your home country but want to be able to access your TV viewing apps such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Sky Go then Hideman will enable you to bypass the lockout and access your favourite movies and shows.

A short note is that you have to setup Hideman from one of the registered country lists (See the flags). Hideman is also available for Android, Windows and Mac OSX.

Step by Step Directions on How to Get Free VPN on iPhone or iPad

  1. Navigate to the Hideman website on your iPhone or iPad browser. The Hideman website will appear in mobile mode.
  2. Tap the blue “Install” button. a confirmation message will appear to let you know the app has been installed.
  3. Press the device “Home” button to return to the home screen. Tap the “Settings” icon.
  4. Tap “General” and scroll down to “VPN.” Activate the VPN.
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