cloude contacts app

cloude contacts app

cloude contacts app

cloude contacts app

Keeping hold of your contacts is a constant worry for smartphone owners in the unhappy event that the phone is lost or stolen. While the “Contacts” sync with iTunes is the way many iPhone users use to keep their contacts backed up, using a free online contacts backup app adds extra reassurance that your contacts are safe in the event of your phone being misplaced. Cloude is a brand new free online contacts backup app that brands itself as having the most reliable contacts backup available.

The first thing you notice upon launching the app is the exceptionally clean design, which fits in totally with the new iOS 7 operating feature on the iPhone. Cloude is also available as an iPad app enabling you to spread your contacts across devices and keep them safe.

The app interface is very simple to use, enabling you to add contacts and sync them across your devices immediately as well as supporting imports from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and other email accounts and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If for any reason you have lost your contacts or are wanting to sync them to a new device then you can simply sync to restore. You can also share your contacts online via Airdrop, Mail, SMS, Facebook.

It all sounds really good and works well in keeping your contacts synced and backed up. My only real issue is that it doesn’t do a great deal more than the native contacts application when syncing across devices and with the contacts on your computer. The ease of use is very appealing as is the app layout but this might be an app that people consider is not worth having.

The Good

  • Simple-to-use clean interface
  • Sync all contacts across devices and keep backup online
  • Download contact lists from many sources

The Bad

  • Does nothing really special that native Contacts app doesn’t already do

The Verdict

While this app is useful, functional and fits in nicely with the aesthetics of iOS 7, it is not really enough of a substitute for the native Contacts app for me to say that this is a must-have app. It is a great option for keeping your contacts backed up and synced across devices if you are not a fan of Apple apps, but for most of you I suspect that this would be branded as “a nice idea, but i don’t need it.” Check it out and see for yourself.

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