document manager and pdf converter for iphone and ipad

document manager and pdf converter for iphone and ipad

document manager and pdf converter for iphone and ipad

There are times when it is really convenient to be able to access your files and folders on your iPhone or iPad and even edit and prepare documents for sharing with others. While cloud technology such as DropBox or Google Drive is one way to go, this is dependent on an Internet connection to be able to access your files. Document Manager Pro & PDF Converter as stated in the title is a free document manager and a PDF converter for iPhone to convert documents so they appear the same on all devices. The app allows you to directly upload files from your PC or download them from a cloud drive when connected to the Internet and work on them offline on the device.

For file transfers the app supports using iTunes files sharing via a USB connection to upload documents. You can also get your documents off Box, Google Drive and Dropbox when you have an Internet connection and even upload and download via FTP for those of you working with web servers.

Most common file types can be opened and viewed in the app including PDFs, MS Office and iWork extensions and there is a built-in in-app viewer to view your files. Other features included in the app include the ability to zip and unzip files, create folders and move files around, zoom PDFs, save files from emails and easy file transfer and sharing.

The layout of the app on both the iPad and the iPhone is fairly simple and easy-to-use and the ability to open and save files when offline, really can add peace-of-mind when you need to urgently access something but have no Internet connection available. The pDF converter is great for turning Office or iWork documents into PDFs for cross-device reading and also to save web-pages from the built-in browser to access offline. you can convert maps to PDF too which will save you the worry of losing your Internet connection when navigating.

The Good

  • Well laid-out document manager
  • Access documents offline
  • View and save in common formats
  • PDF converter for viewing documents offline

The Bad

  • No full editing feature on the app

The Verdict

Document Manager Pro and PDF Converter is a fantastic tool for accessing and viewing files offline and arranging a file system for you to have access to wherever you are. It has loads of features which alone would make it worthwhile to have the app and combined make this a must-have for your library. It is free to download and although it doesn’t have everything we strongly suggest you check it out.
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