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The video camera app on the iPhone and iPad has been much criticised over the years. On the initial devices there was none and the subsequent native video camera apps have been lacking in features. Video Zoom Pro is the best free video video camera app for iPhone and iPad that has recently had its price tag dropped to free from a couple of dollars. From the app description on the iTunes store the apps promises a great deal including live zoom, switching between the front and back cameras mid-film and loads of video effects. The package sounds awesome but how does it measure up.

The amount of features that the app includes make you want to download it immediately. First up the recording features and this is the first app to support pause/resume during live filming rather than simply uploading the video to the stream immediately when you stop recording. Other awesome live features include the ability to switch between the front and back facing cameras while filming and to zoom (8x) in while recording. You can take snapshots during filming to capture particularly awesome moments. Photos are saved directly to your camera roll as are your completed movies once you have finished filming and adding effects.

For users using the iPhone 5 or newer devices you have the option to film in HD and switch between the front and back cameras in HD resolution, 30fps. All users have multiple capture options with the ability to film in three different resolutions in portrait or landscape mode. You can also choose to film with or without audio which might be a consideration in file size or editing the movie.

Effects can also be added straight to your videos which include: Abstract, cartoon, impressionism, motion, negative, X-Ray, cold, vintage, night shot and red, green, blue and grey filters. The developers have promised that more filters will be added in future updates and you can use the built in torch on the iPhone to aid you in lighting the subject.

Sharing your videos can be done directly to email from the app and to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to get your video quickly online.

A few issues have been reported with the app especially from those using older iOS devices to run it. These include crashing during filming or image freeze and giving upside-down images following switching cameras. However during testing with an iPhone 5 we did not encounter any issues of this type.

The Good

  • Live video actions including zooming, camera switching, and taking snapshots
  • Film in HD or select your resolution
  • Wide range of effects to add to videos
  • Upload videos to device camera stream or share online

The Bad

  • Image freezing reports
  • Camera switching occasionally gives inverted image
  • Runs choppy on older iPhone devices

The Verdict

While there have been reports of a couple of flaws with Video Zoom Pro, we found the app to work very well and be a massive improvement on the normal video function on the iOS camera app. You could do much more with your video and it was fairly simple to work. We foresee a real improvement of user videos once they get their hands on this app. With all the features it offer paying a couple of bucks for it is not great ask. But for free? Get it today.

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