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One of the most sought after images by photographers is that of the perfect sunrise or sunset. In some parts of the world the time period between daylight and night can be so short that it is important to be ready with your equipment to catch the light at the correct time. Of the many top free photo apps available for iPhone and iPad, Sol Sun Clock is a formerly premium app which has just been dropped to free. It allows the user to see the precise sunlight timings for their GPS location and to set alarms based on the app’s predictions so that you can be ready to capture it on camera.

The first good feature about the app is that it uses GPS but no network connection is required. This is a relief as after all some of the more photogenic spots on the planet don not necessarily have Internet access to keep you posted. One problem that is created by using the GPS in the background though is that it can run your battery down very quickly. However GPS only runs in the background if you have set location-aware alarms to ensure you do not miss a sunrise/sunset.

The app however does exactly what it says and breaks down the day into time designations such as solar midnight and solar noon, and all three twilight (dawn and dusk) periods, astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, and civil twilight. This preciseness gives you ample time to prepare for the various phases of a sunrise or sunset. To help you be extra prepared as well you are also given the opportunity to set multiple alarms to alert you of upcoming changes. These alarms can also be set for other locations worldwide enabling you to plan where you will be in order to capture sunsets and sunrises at the opportune moment.

There is no reason that Sol Sun Clock has to be solely for the use of photographers. There are plenty of pastimes which require daylight to function and Sol Sun Clock allows you to plan activities around the sunlight hours for a particular location. The interface is easy to use and the hours of sunlight left are displayed in an innovative way on the screen.

The Good

  • All light phases of the day shown
  • Plan your activities around sunlight hours
  • Set alarms for planning photos
  • Multiple locations supported
  • No network connection required although GPS needed

The Bad

  • GPS use runs down battery quicker

The Verdict

For planning any activity that requires daylight then Sol Sun Clock is an invaluable tool. But for photographers wishing to capture the perfect sunset or sunrise and making sure that they are all set up to do so then this app can be a game changer. During testing it has been extremely precise and the fact that it enables you to set alarms for multiple locations really means that you can plan trips abroad around it and make sure that you make the most of the daylight hours. It is free to download now so there are no excuses. Get it and add it to the tools on your iPhone or iPad.

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