camfind app search results

camfind app search results

camfind app results

camfind app results

A remarkably innovative app for the iPhone has just gone free in the App Store. The following CamFind app review checks out the app for the iPhone which allows you to search for details on pretty much ay object you can take a photo of. Once you have taken a photo of the object you will receive loads of info on the product including where you can buy it locally and other examples in your area.

The app itself is very simple to use. Once launched you are landed on a camera view page. From there it is as simple as pointing the camera at the object you want to search for the information for and pressing the “shoot”
button. The screen will then change to display information about the object, including where you can buy one and relevant links to sites. Occasionally the answers given can be a little less detailed. For example I took a photograph of my smartphone and it was identified as a “Sony Ericsson Touchscreen Phone,” rather than the make and model. But still a very impressive feature nonetheless.

You can also use the app for voice searches and set the language you would like the results displayed in. The simple interface allows you to access any part of the app in a couple of taps. You can also share the results via the social networks to make recommendations to friends. For those of you who have tried Google Goggles you will find this a more than fair replacement. An added bonus is that the app only takes up 5.6 MB of space so it is not like it is hogging all the precious storage on your iPhone.

The Good

  • Simple to use interface
  • Fantastic database of results
  • Displays similar objects and local retail sources
  • Voice searching and voiceover of identified objects available
  • Small file size

The Bad

  • Occasionally vague search results

The Verdict

Downloading the CamFind app while it is free is a no-brainer. The app only takes up 5.6 MB of storage and is a really useful alternative to typing in information when you want to find out what an object is and where you can get one. The voice features also make it a useful tool for the visually-impaired. Download this app today and discover things about objects that you never knew.

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