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Every now and then it can be a useful tool to record your screen on a Mac computer. You might want to make a demonstration tutorial to show family or friends how to accomplish a task, or a similar task which is work-related. Being able to show people what you are doing visually can be a really useful way of teaching a procedure and thankfully the Mac OSX system contains the tools to do it easily.

You do not have to pay stupidly high prices for dedicated recording software suites such as Screenflow. You can use the built-in (Mac OSX 10.6 or above) Quicktime Player program to easily record screencasts for free. These screencasts can then be shared with others via email (or better still via Cloud sharing drives such as Dropbox or USB flash drives)or through download links. And the best news is that this can all be done for free.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Record Your Screen on a Mac

  1. Open Quicktime Player.
  2. Go to the “File” menu. Select “New Screen Recording.”
  3. Click on the down arrow icon on the left hand side of the minimalist control panel. Designate the audio source for your recording.
  4. Click the record icon to begin the recording. Choose whether you would like to record the full screen or click and drag the pop-up box onto the area of the window that you wish to record. Click in the recording area to begin recording. Bear in mind that everything you do from this point on until you click the button again will be shown on the final video.
  5. Click the record button again to stop the recording.
  6. Save the file.
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