monitor your iphone data usage

monitor your iphone data usage

monitor your iphone data usage

Many mobile networks allow free calls to certain numbers for a limited duration and impose limits for data usage within iPhone subscription packages. It is therefore prudent to make sure that you keep within the limits to avoid large charges for exceeding them. Call+Data Time Monitor is an app which has just gone free for iPhone which enables you to monitor your iPhone data usage and call activity to designated numbers.

When you open the app you will need to designate numbers from your contacts which you wish to monitor the time spent calling them. These would normally be numbers in which time restrictions per call are imposed or numbers that you spend a particularly long amount of time on the phone to. You then simply need to designate the monitoring time for each number and then you are good to go.

What will happen is that the app will monitor your calls and when you are close to the time limit set for the number in a call, is an alarm will sound when the selected time has passed. This is all done through making calls with the normal phone, you do not have to make calls directly from the app for this to work. Once the alarm has sounded then you can terminate the call and avoid extra charges.

There is also an easy redial feature to allow you to dial back the number that you just terminated and continue the call. Data usage can be monitored through the app to enable you to keep a track of whether you have exceeded your permitted data usage. You can set limits on data usage and SMS sending to ensure that you do not go over and above what you are permitted to do free on your selected plan. The app if used prudently can be a real money saver.

The Good

  • Monitor calls, data usages and SMS allowance to keep within limits
  • Set alarms to notify you of nearing limit
  • Setup specific phone numbers with custom times and notifications

The Bad

  • Reports of app crashing

The Verdict

If you are meticuloous about wanting to stick to the limits of your mobile netowkr plan and not exceed them then Call+Data Time Monitor is the ideal app for you. You can set up the app to monitor your phone according to the limits set by you plan for data usage SMS numbers and set up individual call time limits for certain numbers. It is a shame that iPhones do not come equipped with this feature built-in but since this app has gone free it should increase its popularity as people try to save money on their contracts.

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