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In the week or so since iOS 7 has been released the most major gripe that has been reported on the system is that it has significantly reduced the already minimal battery life of an iPhone. As such it becomes more important than ever for iPhone users to use their device in a way that avoids running out of battery at inopportune moments. An iPhone is a sophisticated computer running thousands of processes at any one time and leaving apps running or Bluetooth and location services on can further drain the battery. Fortunately Battery Saver the best free battery saver app for iPhone has been reduced in price from $3.99 to absolutely free. The app regulates the manner in which your iPhone is charged and boasts an impressive array of features for monitoring and regulating power usage on the device.

One of the main features that Battery Saver offers is a tool providing estimates on how much remaining battery life you have based on the processes that you are currently running. For example if you are watching videos on YouTube the app will tell you how much battery life is left if you are constantly doing this. The app will also give estimates on battery life used by apps running in the background such as Facetime and your location services which can be a big battery drainer.

The app can provide you with tips on how to optimise your battery by disabling certain iPhone functions such as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Other things it might advise you to do are to adjust the device brightness and give you estimates on how much battery life will be saved by making these changes.

The insights provided by the app on charging are extremely useful. Most of us do not think much about how the battery is affected when we plug it in for a quick charge or leave it charging overnight. The Battery Saver app will display how many times your iPhone has gone through a full or partial cycle and how many times it has been overcharged, giving you an opportunity to learn about your battery’s capabilities and begin a proper charging routine to get the best out of your battery. Just make sure the app is turned on when you begin a charge.

Other data the app can display includes the data on which apps use the most memory and how long you actually spend on those apps (which could be embarrassing). You can find out about CPU and memory usage plus the Wifi and mobile network information. A particularly useful feature if you want to get the most out of your iPhone battery is the ability to set charging reminders to begin your “healthy battery” practice.

Battery Doctor (or Battery Saver) lays out which apps are using the most memory. The data is quite exact, and it’ll tell you how much time you’ve spent on different apps and how much mAh/min those apps use. (Yes, we were quite embarrassed to see how much time we spend on our Twitter app. We’ll not disclose that information here!)

You can connect with the developer via proved social media links and a “game-style” feature included is the ability to earn medals for keeping your phone battery optimised. We recommend that you keep app notifications turned off to avoid being bombarded with unnecessary messages about your scores and other data you probably don’t want to see.

The Good

  • Chargin monitoring and tips for optimal charging
  • Monitor which apps and features are using the most battery and memory and adapt your settings
  • Provides tips for you to improve your battery life and tells you which settings to adjust

The Bad

  • Perhaps not in-depth enough information provided on individual app battery use

The Verdict

Although it now carries a “free” price tag this app is probably the best available for monitoring and improving battery life on your iPhone. Battery Saver helps you to cut out processes you don’t necessarily need, which can drain battery life and also makes you adapt your charging habits to ensure a healthier long-term battery life. A “must-have” if you are constantly worrying if your iPhone will have enough battery to last the day.

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