vine app for sharing videoWhen the world thought that there could not be any more social-networking apps then Twitter have released another one which is already close to the top of the app store charts. Vine is a 6 second video sharing app for iPhone and Android that lets you film short clips and post them online, as well as watch other people’s videos. Read the Vine app review below to see how it measures up.

In-short Vine is basically a video version of Twitter with the ability to film quick short videos and post them. Filming a video is a breeze using your smartphone’s built in camera. Just tap the in-app camera icon and touch the screen to begin recording. As the video only lasts for 6 seconds you do not really need to worry about stopping recording. However if you do feel the need to pause recording then all you have to do is let go of the screen. Just touch-and-hold to begin recording again and Vine will join the resulting clips together. You can then add text and images then share the video with your Vine network and followers. Incredibly easy.

Vine is controlled through a lower panel of 4 self-explanatory main tabs, “Feed,” “Activity,” “Explore,” and “Profile.” Like making a Vine video navigation is incredibly easy and the “explore” tab offer the chance for you to follow your interests and discover what is being offered out on the Vine network.

6 second video sharing appAs goes following other people on Vine, well it is the same as any other social network. Be careful who you choose to follow. Your high school friend who does nothing but post annoying pictures and political statements probably isn’t going to be the best person to follow, whereas following your favourite sports people,subjects or celebrities will probably result in you being able to see more exciting content. Like Twitter it also presents a novel way for you to interact with people you are interested in or admire.

The Good

  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Quick video recording
  • View interesting quick content

The Bad

  • Sometimes 6 seconds is not long enough

The Verdict

Vine is a great app that takes the short post on social media to a new level by allowing quick short videos to be posted. The app is simple-to-use and it will be interesting to see if its popularity rises enough that there will be a verb created from it and we hear about people having “to vine” a video. The 6 second limit might be too short in the cases of a clip you really like to view, but on the flip-side it does mean that you only have to endure rubbish clips for a short time. A great app.

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