When compared to its ancestors and cousin the new iPad, it can be immediately noticed that the iPad Mini is lighter, thinner and cheaper. While some may complain about the lack of a retina screen and the reduced screen size, a majority of users have reported that the iPad experience is not reduced, and in some cases increased, due to the more portable nature of the device. All iPad apps are compatible with the iPad Mini but below we list the top 10 free iPad Mini apps that take the most advantage of the dimensions and weight of the device to give you the best tablet experience possible.

iBooksiBooks free iPad Mini app

The iPad Mini’s reduced dimensions and weight allow you to hold it with one had making it a more more viable option as an eReader than the larger version. iBooks allows you to read books, PDF documents and text books on your device with a clean easy-to-use interface right down to turning page animations.

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SkypeSkype video calling on iPad Mini

Skype is a great mobile VoIP, video calling and instant messaging app, which utilises both the front and rear-facing cameras on the iPad Mini to enable you to talk with colleagues, friends and loved ones over an Internet connection.

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PocketPocket read-it-later app for iPad Mini

As mentioned earlier the iPad Mini’s size makes it a fantastic eReader and the free app Pocket enables you to save an interesting article or web page that you find and save it for later. The page will then be synced across your devices and you can read it offline.

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FlipboardFlipboard app for iPad Mini

The free Flipboard app is the best app for veiwing your RSS feeds, social network activity and news in the same place. Boasting a really innovative interface which allows you to “flip” between articles and sections, Flipboard runs fantastically on iPad Mini and is a must have for all.

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Google ChromeGoogle Chrome browser for iPad Mini

While you might be perfectly satisfied with the native Safari browser, recent updates to the Google Chrome browser app for iPad Mini created more space for web browsing by removing the URL bar when not in use. The ability to sync your browsing between your iPad Mini and your other Google Chrome browsers on your PC and smartphone make an excellent reason to download this app for your iPad Mini

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DropboxDropbox on the iPad Mini

Dropbox is a fantastic cloud-storage innovation that allows you to access and edit files on different devices and save them to your Dropbox account to be accessed from anywhere. The free Dropbox app allows you 4GB of storage and enables you to keep up with work on-the-go and ensure that your files are safely stored in a cloud environment.

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EvernoteEvernote for iPad Mini

Evernote is a great solution for taking notes or keeping yourself organised on-the-go. You can take notes, set checkboxes for reminders and add images, which are then synced on your Evernote account to be accessed on other devices. The app boasts good organisational functions such as folders, and you can take advantage of its features further by installing Evernote plug-in apps such as Penultimate and Skitch for note taking.

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JasmineJasmine YouTube app for iPad

Jasmine YouTube client is a great app for accessing your YouTube account and viewing YouTube videos online. A simple-to-use interafce allows you to search for videos and then easliy flip between related videos, once you have finished viewing. A good alernative for the normal YouTube app.

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Google MapsGoogle Maps on iPad

With the well-documented failure of the native Apple Maps app to impress the more reliable Google Maps is available as an app for iPad and displays well on the iPad Mini screen, making it an excellent location finder when you are out-and-about, with more screen space to use than a smartphone, but not as heavy or cumbersome as the larger iPad. The navigator tools are also reputedly better than those of Apple Maps.

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FacebookFacebook app on iPad Mini

The iPad Mini Facebook app allows you to keep up with your Facebook profile and perform all of the core network functions without some of the more annoying features of the social network. The app takes advantage of the screen real estate hiding functions such as the chat feature when in portrait mode, and has effective gesture control for accessing menus.

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