Free cloud storage space company Dropbox has recently acquired Mailbox iOS app and Jabbersite has noticed that is you sync your Mailbox app with your Dropbox account you can get another 1GB free Dropbox space. Below are listed a number of ways in which you can increase your free Dropbox space from the standard 2GB which fills up very fast, to over 20GB of free space.

How to Get Extra Free Dropbox Space

Share Dropbox with your FriendsRefer Others

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 16GB

Referring your friends from your email account can earn you up to a whopping 16GB of extra Dropbox storage. All you have to do is go to the Dropbox “Get More Space” page, click on the “Refer friends” link, click on the email account and select the friends that you want to invite. For every friend that joins you will receive 500MB extra of free Dropbox storage up to a limit of 16GB

Connect your Facebook accountConnect Your Facebook Account

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 125MB

To get 125MB of free Dropbox storage simply click on the “Connect Your Facebook” link on the Dropbox “Get More Space” page. You will then be asked to agree to Dropbox accessing your Facebook account and credited with your extra storage space.

Sync Mailbox with DropboxSync with Mailbox

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 1GB

If you use the Mailbox iOS app to view your Gmail account then to get an extra 1GB of Dropbox storage space simply tap the “Settings” icon in-app. Click on the “Dropbox” tab at the bottom of the menu and you will be redirected to the Dropbox app to associate your account with it. You will then be credited with your extra free storage.

connect your Twitter accountConnect Your Twitter Account

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 125MB

Allowing Dropbox to be connected with your Twitter account gives you 125MB more drive space. Simply click on the “Connect Your Twitter Account” link on the Dropbox “Get More Space” page and grant the necessary permissions to receive more space.

follow Dropbox on TwitterFollow Dropbox on Twitter

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 125MB

Further interaction with Twitter gives you even more Dropbox space. Click on the “Follow Dropbox on Twitter” link on the Dropbox “Get More Space” page to earn 125MB free Dropbox storage.

Get started with DropboxTake the Dropbox Tour

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 250MB

Taking the “Getting Started With Dropbox” tour on the “Get More Space” page earns you 250MB more free space and also gives you a detailed introduction of how to use Dropbox to its full potential.

tell us why you love DropboxGive Feedback to Dropbox

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 125MB

Dropbox is very keen to receive feedback on its service and why you like to use Dropbox. Click on the “Tell Us Why You Love Dropbox” link on the “Get More Space” page and write a short post to send to Dropbox and earn 125MB of free Dropbox cloud storage space.

connect your Twitter accountTweet about Dropbox

Potential Free Dropbox Space- 125MB

Once you have completed the “Tell Us Why You Love Dropbox” step to gain more storage space, if you have linked your Twitter account already you will be given the option to tweet your feedback. Tweeting this will get you 125MB more.

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