Free online storage is a great way to backup your files and be able to access them from any device anywhere. Added to this it can also enable you to free up drive space in some cases and clean up your computer. Cloud storage has enabled greater productivity by allow people to be able to work on a document in one place and then be able to access it from another location such as a tablet. There is quite a wide range of cloud storage available but you do not necessarily have to pay anything to get a large amount of storage for your documents, photos, audio and video files. Using the services below can enable you to have well over 100GB of free online storage.

How to Get 100GB Free Online Storage

Dropboxdropbox icon

Amount of free storage- Up to 20GB

Possibly the most famous of the cloud storage solutions, Dropbox gives you an initial 2GB to securely store your photos, documents and videos to be able to access them from a browser anywhere. There are also apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone. You can earn up to 20GB of free Dropbox storage by following a few simple steps such as referring friends.

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Google Drive 15gbgoogle drive icon

Amount of free storage- Up to 15GB

Google Drive gives you a generous 15GB of free storage when you sign up for an account and can sync all your documents, photos, videos and presentations from your computer or mobile device. It can be accessed on apps via Windows, Mac, iOS and Android or remotely via any browser to view and edit your files. The 15GB of storage is shared between Google Drive and Google+ Photos and the storage area connects easily to Gmail, Google+ and other Google products for collaboration and easy sharing.

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Bitcasabitcasa icon

Amount of free storage-10GB

Bitcasa lets you store up to 10GB of files, photos, playlists and videos, which can be accessed from any device using an Internet browser or through apps on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. If the storage granted is not enough then paid-for options go up to unlimited storage.

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SkyDriveSkydrive icon

Amount of free storage-7GB

Microsoft’s contribution to the online cloud storage arena is SkyDrive. Like its competitors SkyDrive offers you a place to store your photo, documents, videos and other files online with a free online storage limit of 7GB. Windows 8 users can access it using their Microsoft account info as can Live users and as well as being available anywhere via browsers there are also Windows, Mac, iOS and Android SkyDrive apps.

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Boxbox icon

Amount of free storage- 5GB

Box is very similar to the other services in that it offers a free online storage space to store documents, photos, videos and other files with access from anywhere via the web. Apps area available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and the free online storage limit is 5GB. Box also allows you to organise your files and folders in the cloud the same as on your desktop for extra versatility.

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Megamega icon

Amount of free storage- 50GB

Offering by far that most generous free cloud storage available, Mega is a company setup by Internet outlaw Kim Dotcom as a successor to the banned MegaUpload. The free storage available is promised to be heavily encrypted and is accessed via a web portal in your Chrome browser. At this time there is only an app available for Android, however it is expected to develop apps for other devices in the future.

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iCloudicloud icon

Amount of free storage- 5GB

iCloud is Apple’s own online storage area offering up to 5GB of storage space for data from iOS and OSX devices. It will sync all of your iTunes music, videos, books and apps, plus your calendars, documents and other files. As an added bonus any photos that are in your photo stream and books purchased from iTunes don’t count towards the storage limit. Still it is a shame that this is only open to Apple products.

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Evernote 60MB/monthevernote icon

Amount of free storage- 60MB / month

Although it is not an online storage drive per se, Evernote deserves a mention as it is such an easy way to make notes and quickly store files, photos and PDFs to sync across all of your devices. It has a wide range of supporting apps and is accessible via apps on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows 8, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. You can upload up to 60MB/ month of notes and files.

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The online storage companies listed above all have premium plans giving you paid-for option of over 1TB and up to unlimited online storage for a monthly fee. But 112GB should be enough to get most people started storing their files online for free.

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