Maaii app text messagingThe Hong Kong-based app Maaii is a free-to-download app which allows you to make cheap or free international calls. While phone credit for cheap calls in the app is actually required, it is possible for you to earn free credits by sharing the app with your friends over a variety of channels and you will be surprised how far the free credit will stretch.

Once downloaded you simply need to sign up for an account by entering your mobile phone number and country. From there a wizard will walk you through how to connect to your contacts, Facebook account and how to earn credits for making free international calls by sharing with your friends on Facebook, tweeting about the app on Twitter, inviting friends with an email invitation and rating the app in the Apple App or Google Play stores. So before you have even started you can have earned up to US$1.20. Just to give you an idea of how far this will stretch, a 3 minute call to a UK number cost US$0.08. You can also purchase credits for as much as you need via the in-app purchase and rates to international numbers start from.

As for the call quality, this was reflected by the call or WiFi connection just like a normal call and I found it to be pretty much the same quality as a normal phone call. The most important thing was that I could make cheap calls to non-Maaii users in much the same way as Skype,free international calls with the MaaiI App but the ability to earn credit actually means that a large amount of calls can be made for free.

And that’s not all. Extra features include an instant messenger which is fe to use with an Internet connection, video calling and a 10-second photo sharing features similar to SnapChat, pus currently you can chat to your friends on Facebook. It remains unclear whether Facebook will allow this feature to continue.

The Good

  • Earn credit for free international calls
  • Good call quality
  • Call non-Maaii users

The Bad

  • Not completely free

The Verdict

Maaii is a great solution for those who need to make cheap international calls and if used on a infrequent basis then can be a totally free solution. If you plan to make longer or more frequent calls then you will need to spend a little but can still enjoy really competitive international calling rates. The quality of the calls is not bad and the fact that you can earn free credit towards making calls, which can last for a fair period, is another plus for this app. Download it and see why it has already built a following of many thousands of users.

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