TextExtractor iphone appTextExtractor is a free iPhone scanner app that has dropped from a premium price recently to become available for no charge. The app boasts optical character recognition allowing you to use your iPhone as a document scanner and add documents and photos to your device library where they can be shared or saved.

The interface is clean and relatively simple to use and the first thing iPhone4S and 5 users will recognise is that retina display is supported.

The recognition software in the app ensures accurate recognition of text fairly well. We tested the app in English however the developer points out that the optical character recognition also supports Russian, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

As for the scanning process itself, this was fairly quick and you can scan files in the iPhone photo library as well as documents that you capture using the camera through the app. Like a normal scanner you can choose to display the scanned image in black and white, colour or photo quality and there are 5 brightness variations for images.

Once you have made the scan you can edit, copy and save the recognised text in Archive. TextExtractor iphone appYou can send the scan via email as a .txt, .pdf, or.jpg file format or save it to the photo library on the device. If you wish to use the recognised text from the scan you can open it in another text editor app that you have installed on the device.

The Good

  • Text recognition
  • Multiple language support
  • Fast scanning
  • Easy-to-use interface

The Bad

  • Nothing wrong here. App does what it says it will

The Verdict

For a quick solution to scanning documents on-the-go TextExtract is an ideal app. The text optical character recognition feature in this free iPhone scanner app does a good job of translating a scan into text you can work with and the quality of scans is top-notch as well. The good design of the interface makes getting started with the app and easy affair and once you are familiar with the feature this is an extremely effective tool, which for the free price tag should be added to your iPhone app library immediately.

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