express your emotions with Murmur cam app for iPhoneAnother cam app for iPhone has been released which enables you to add expression to your life. Murmur Cam works with your iPhone camera and allows you to describe how you are feeling in text and rating yourself in temperature, weather as well as adding your location. This app offers a fun way to document how you are feeling at the time, providing an amusing history and like a majority of photo apps for iPhone, you can share creations instantly on Facebook.

The app is incredibly easy to use from the moment you launch it. Buttons at the top of the screej allow you to control the flash settings and designate which iPhone camera to use. Tools for the app are located at the base of the screen and include “location,” “emoticons,” “temperature,” “spotlight,” and “situation.” Using these tools you can customise the look of the display items that go on your photo to express your current feelings. “Albums” lets you pull in photos from your iPhone photo album to use, and once you have completed taking the photo then you can save it and share it on Facebook using the buttons at the top of the screen. The whole process can be done in just a few taps and adjusted as many times as you want to get it just right.

Just so you can see how others are feeling, the “Cities” button at the base of the screen allows you to view rankings of the world’s happiest cities based on the app usage and the most highly used icon. express your emotions with Murmur cam app for iPhoneCurrently this app seems to be most widely used in Asia but as more people discover it, maybe some western cities will arrive in the rankings.

The Good

  • Simple-to-use-interface
  • Wide variety of ways to display your emotions
  • Quick social sharing

The Bad

  • iPhone optimised so small display on iPad

The Verdict

Although the cry of ‘not another camera app’ for iPhone might be echoed by some, Murmur Cam app does provide an interesting way to express your current emotions in different to a status update on Facebook or Twitter. The app is quick and easy to use and we are sure that it will secure a large following. It is free to use and with many ways of customising your emotional expression, download it and give it a try. See what emotions it brings out in you when you use it!

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