WhatsApp for iPhone is now free to download and use for the first year of use. Like WhatsApp for Android you now have to pay an annual subscription of $0.99 to use WhatsApp after your first year of free use. For those iPhone users who already have WhatsApp on their phone then they have free use for the rest of their lives according to WhatsApp developers.

whatsapp for iphoneWhatsApp is an instant messaging service which once you have arranged a WhatsApp account, connects to all you phone contacts who also use WhatsApp and allows you to send free instant messages, photos, voice notes and videos to other users. The device uses the 3G or WiFi connection of your iPhone and eliminates the need to pay extra charges for sending SMS to international numbers. Even if your phone is offline then WhatApp will save the messages to be delivered when you have an Internet connection again.

The app interface is clean and simple to use in a very similar design to the normal iMessage service on your iPhone. Unlike iMessage though you are not limited to sending to only iOS device users, but anyone on your contact list with a smartphone with WhatsApp installed on it. WhatsApp is currently also available for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Nokia devices in addition to iPhone, so odds on that will cover much of your contact list. Obviously your data package from your carrier depends how many messages, photos and videos you can send before you incur charges.

Besides the price change in the recent update there have been other notable improvements to WhatsApp including the ability to back up chats to iCloud and added support for URL hooks so third-party apps can integrate with WhatsApp. It is also now possible for users to send multiple images at the same time providing an extra time-saver.whatsapp for iphone All-in-all the app appears to be a must-have for smartphone users.

The Good

  • Free international and domestic messaging
  • Send multimedia messages
  • Simple messaging interface
  • No login or having to remember passwords
  • Automatic syncing with your address book

The Bad

  • Charges for using WhatsApp depend on your carrier data charges

The Verdict

If you possess an iPhone then odds-on you have a data connection to take advantage of its features. In our minds it is a no-brainer that you download WhatsApp immediately and take advantage of the free instant messaging service. You can use it for a whole year for free and after that is is less than $1 a year. There are loads of devices out there with WhatsApp on them so odd-on your friends and contacts have the app installed. So download it today and get messaging.

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