iPhones have been around for over six years now so chances are that you have an old iOS device in your house or are looking for another way in which you can further utilise your current iPhone or iPad. Manything is a new app which allows you to use your iPhone as a security camera, uploading the image seen by the iPhone camera to a live online stream which you can view from the website. Security systems are fairly expensive to install so this might be one solution to consider.

iphone as a security cameraThe developers of the Manything app say that the app is intended to help people utilise old iPhones or iPads that they have left unused at home, as obviously you are hardly likely to want to go out and leave your mobile phone behind. The free version of the app gives you an allowance of 3.5 hours of video storage for free and for further storage packages you can purchase in-app upgrades.

The app itself is slick and well designed, with a simple-to-use interface and a corresponding website to which the live video feed is streamed. For people wanting to keep an eye on something while they pop out then this could be an ideal solution. But it does raise a few questions.

Why would the thief not take the iPhone when they see it? For sure you could set up a camouflage system along with a power source as a precaution but this might take a little ingenuity. Additionally there is always the question of whether the iPhone could actually assist in capturing the burglar’s face for evidence with the video quality streamed. I also have my doubts about how many iPhones are actually left idle by owners as the second-hand market for the devices through portals such as eBay remains high.

The Good

iphone as a security camera

  • Free security surveillance system alternative
  • Simple clean interface and quick video streaming to sister website

The Bad

  • Requires a second iPhone to leave behind
  • Difficult to camouflage and charge the iPhone simultaneously as a security measure
  • iPhones are easy to steal and disabled the security system
  • Only 3.5 hours included in the free package


The Verdict

Manything is a good concept and if put to certain uses such as a baby sleep monitor perhaps in a different room could be a very effective tool. Others have mooted potential possibilities as an alternative to GoPro action cameras. As a security measure though, while the concept is very good, unless you have a second iPhone suitably camouflaged and with enough power the app can be disabled very easily and you lose an iPhone in the deal. Not ideal but a really presents a good concept and leaves a little more for the developers to work on. 

iphone as a security camera

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