Whilst there are quite a few different video editing apps available in the iOS store they are all much of a likeness. Touchcast is a new free video editing app for iPad that allows you to make videos mixed with web-content. Put simply you can add widget-like features to your videos such as maps, news feeds and web pages which users can click on while watching the video and enjoy a fully interactive experience. Our Touchcast app review explores whether the app lives up to the description given by the developers.

touchcast app reviewThe main feature of the app is obviously the video recorder and editor, which takes a little bit of practice to get used-to, however once you have mastered filming with either iPad camera. You can choose from several themes as to the style of your video, such as Travel diary, news cast or sports report. A teleprompter is also provided to help you speak more easily during recording just like real reporters.

Once you get around to the editing, you are presented with a timeline to layout all the separate video components, and you can also drag and drop extra content in such as titles and widget-like components such as Facebook page feeds, maps and web pages. There is even a whiteboard to allow you to draw on the video screen. Try out all the different components to become familiar with what each one does.

touchcast app reviewTouchcast really does change how videos can be viewed on a computer. The interactive segments allow the user to engage website content whilst continuing to watch the video allowing unparalleled interactivity.

Once you have finished producing your video on Touchcast you can host it online via your TouchCast channel and share the videos via Facebook Twitter and Email. At the moment it can only be viewed on the app or th Chrome or Safari browsers however you can get around this by uploading it to YouTube as a normal non-interactive video.

The Good

  • Add interactive content to a video
  • Preset themes allow for easy production
  • Helpful tutorials to get started
  • Whiteboard and other tools handy for demonstrations on-screen

The Bad

  • Videos only viewable in app or on Safari or Chrome browsers

The Verdict

TouchCast takes video production to a whole new level with the incorporation of web features into your videos. It does have a few flaws such as the limited areas that you can view TouchCasts, which no doubt will change in the future. However these flaws aside this really can revolutionise home video production and enable you to create very professional looking videos with ease, and change the way your viewers interact with your content. Download this free iPad app to see if we are exaggerating. We can’t wait for the desktop versions that are under development.

touchcast app review

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