SEO is often the most important part of website design. After all there is no point having the best looking site with the most incredible products and prices if no-one can find them. But SEO can often be a costly procedure if using SEO professionals, when much of the initial search engine optimisation can be done pretty easily by you. There are loads of free SEO resources where you can find information online, but as SEO evolves, certain measures become outdated so it is important that you use reliable SEO resource sites to make sure you use the latest trends. We have picked a few of our favorites below.

Mozfree seo resources

Moz offers a paid-for suite of SEO tools (for which the 30-day free trial is well worth using) but the resources section on the home site is full of free information for improving your SEO campaign. You can navigate around the different questions and answers and view “Mozinars” to find the information you need. If you are an active “Mozzer” you can also ask questions to the community and receive relevant answers.

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Search Engine Landfree seo resources

Search Engine Land offers help for SEO issues with the most up-to-date news, interviews, comments and contributions from key people within the Google, Bing and other search engine organisations. Keeping current with the newest online marketing trends is very important for maintaining your site’s search engine position and Search Engine Land is a great free SEO resource to start with.

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Google Webmasters on YouTubefree seo resources

Routing around through the different SEO theories available online can be very time consuming so why not get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth? The Google Webmasters page on Google-owned video site YouTube answers people’s queries about SEO with Matt Cutts (head of Google’s webspam team) telling you what you need to know and shows it on your screen. If you want a written solution from Google then check out their Webmaster blog for the additional info.

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Matthew Woodward SEO free seo resources
Tools and Tips

This site by SEO expert Matthew Woodward offers tutorials, tools and webinars about the latest SEO practices and advise for where you can improve your SEO campaign for your site. You can ask questions on the site which are answered directly by Matthew and also find valuable SEO tools, broken down into categories by Matthew, making locating the correct tool for the job that little bit easier. A fantastic resource.

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Twitterfree seo resources

Want to find out the most current information available right at this moment? Well Twitter is a great place to start. You can locate SEO experts who really know their stuff and elect to follow them. This way you can always be kept alert via your Twitter profile, what the latest trends in SEO are and can make the changes to your website and SEO campaign accordingly.

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