There are loads of free weather apps available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. However a majority of them end up disappointing, mainly for the quality of view or displaying weather details which cover a very large area so are not that specific. Sky Motion claims to able to give you an exact weather reading where you are in real-time as well as provide all the normal weather app features such as severe weather alerts and periodical forecasts. But how does the app measure up?
free weather appsThe app uses weather radars located around your country to calculate exact readings on what the weather’s like where you are. It also lets you correct and report the weather to improve the accuracy of the weather being reported locally. The best feature really is the minute-by-minute rain feature, distinguishing Sky Motion from other free weather apps.

The Sky Motion interface does not integrate a radar map but has a simple clean display with only the temperature and expected weather conditions for the next two hours on-screen. You are able to add different locations to swipe through and set personal preferences such as the unit of temperature. However that does not give you much to look at. Still you can navigate to other features such as the hourly, daily, or weekly forecast and the rain feature can be of invaluable assistance.

But despite the accuracy, the app is not very graphically exciting to look at and its major downfall for most of us around the world is that it only really functions properly at this time within the USA and Canada, despite being available for download from any app store.

free weather apps

The Good

  • Minute-by-minute rain feature
  • Accurate weather conditions to your position
  • Ability for users to update the weather conditions

The Bad

  • Unexciting clean display
  • Only available in USA and Canada

The Verdict

If you are looking for a really accurate weather app that simply tells you the weather locally in locations across the USA and Canada then this is the app for you. There are no exciting graphics to copy your screen to share online, and the interface is simple and easy to use. The ability for users to update the local weather also adds a further degree of accuracy and you really haven’t go much to lose by downloading Sky Motion for free and trying it out. We will wait to see if the functionality improves so it can be used in the rest of the world but for North America-based app users then this is certainly worth a look.

Free Weather Apps

Free Weather Apps


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