Getting your site to the top of Google and the other search engines is a priority of most website owners and since the rise of the smartphone,there has been increasing demand for a free SEO app to assist you in your efforts to make your site as search-engine-friendly as possible. SEO Automatic is a free SEO app that analyses your site and presents you with a detailed report of how your site works at gaining a good organic (free and site content-based) rating on the search engines.

free seo appThe free version of the app for iPhone and Android smartphones does exactly what it says it will. On booting the app you are asked to enter the URL of the website which you wish to analyse. The analysis of the website takes a few moments depending on your Internet connection and a detailed report is generated, allowing you to go through every SEO measure that you should be taking to optimise your site. Every aspect is broken down and if any areas of SEO are lacking then the report makes a recommendation on actions you should take to remedy the problem and even recommending code and links to use.

Perhaps the amount of information provided may be seen to be too much such as including items such as “META keywords” which do not figure as much in search engine considerations as they used to. But in terms of SEO it is no harm done to include them and many site designers and SEO experts would welcome this. In fact the only real drawback or difference that we could find was the fact that only with the paid-for pro version could you email the results of the scan to third-party email addresses. This might be an issue if you are performing SEO for someone else, but if this app is for you to analyse your own site to find out recommended changes then the information presented on the handset should more than suffice.
free seo app

The Good

  • Detailed reports
  • Suggestions for improvements provided
  • Quick analysis

The Bad

  • Can only email reports with paid-for Pro version

The Verdict

This is one of the best free SEO apps for iPhone and Android that we have tested, giving quick analysis of a domain name and detailed suggestions of how the website can be improved to make it more search-engine friendly. This tool can be helpful for beginners or experienced design veterans and the “free” price tag makes downloading this a no-brainer. Get it today and see if you can improve your site and get your site noticed more online.
free seo appfree seo app

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