Making downloads on iPad or iPhone becomes a much easier prospect using a free download manager. FileGet Pro is a download manager app for iPad and iPhone that has recently been made free to download and makes it possible for you to download any file on your iOS device, including video files and it is equipped with video player support, making it possible to view these video files immediately on your iPad or iPhone.

downloads on ipadOn launching the app you are presented with an on-board browser, with instructions on how to download PDFs and videos specifically. The interface is simple-to-use with a custom iOS navigation bar allowing you to browse to look for downloads, a downloads manager and “Settings” panel.

The downloads manager allows you to monitor downloads and view your downloaded files in-app. It only allows you to view files downloaded with FileGet Pro, it does not permit you to add previously downloaded files, which might be an issue if you already have a collection of video files that you want to view on your iPad (although FileGet developers claim that this has been fixed in the recent update). You will have to download them again to view them using this app. Files can be downloaded in the background, allowing you to continue your browsing while your download finishes.

downloads on ipadThe in-app browser does not offer a great deal especially when you are navigating around “free” video download sites. The usual pop-up adverts appear a lot and as the app does not support tab or new window browsing, you are redirected to the pop-up away from the target page, which is an immensely annoying feature.
Supported file extensions:

Video: FLV, MP4, MPV, M4V, 3GP, MOV
Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, CAF
Text: HTM / HTML, TXT …

The Good

  • Easy download management
  • Simple interface
  • Download wide range of file types

The Bad

  • Poor browser
  • Unable to view previously downloaded files

The Verdict

FileGet Pro is a useful app for downloading the file types not normally permitted by the iOS system and managing your downloads in an ordered fashion. The ability to view downloads in-app is a great solution for playing other media types on your iPad but really this is still not an app I would rush out to download. Certainly it is free as opposed to its usual price tag of $0.99 and has a few flaws but you might find it is just what you are looking for.
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