Beauty magazines and clothes catalogues have often been criticised for “airbrushing” the photographs of models and celebrities to make them look as good as possible. Their response has been that they are presenting the “flawless image.” Well there is now a free virtual makeover app that allows you to clear a photograph of any blemishes and give the subject any enhancements you feel would improve their look. No longer do you need to be an experienced Photoshop user to alter photos to make them “flawless.” Modiface Photo Editor allows you to correct loads of details from skin blemishes to eye colour and size, as well as face shape and many more.

virtual makeover appOnce you launch the app you simply need to touch the icon in the top right-hand corner to load a photo. The app gives you the options of taking a photo from your iOS photo library, snapping one with the device camera or pulling a photograph from Facebook. Once the photo is loaded you then have to manually set the positions of the eyes, iris’ and mouth using drag and resize controls.

After you have configured your subject you are free to play with the various enhancement tools that are provided in the app. These include changing the colour of the eyes using contacts, brightening and whitening the eyes and teeth, applying makeup effects removing facial blemishes and slimming the face shape. There is even a tool to give the subject a virtual facelift. So basically you can change a photo to what someone would look like if they went for facelift surgery. At the other end of the scale though you can use the blemish tool to touch up a photo for print and produce realistic effects. There is a large library of premium effects that can be purchased in-app for those who want further tools.

Upon completing your photo facelift you can add photo effects similar to Instagram, and add a frame to the image before saving or sharing the photograph via Facebook, Twitter or email.
virtual makeover app

The Good

  • Wide range of photo enhancement tools
  • Easy-to-use interface with plenty of instructions
  • Upload photos from device, camera or Facebook

The Bad

  • Harder to use on photographs where subject is not looking directly at the camera
  • Face only editing

The Verdict

If you would like to test the theory that it is only because models have been airbrushed that they look so good, then give yourself a free virtual makeover using this innovative tool. While it might not be the most useful app in the world, it does allow enhancing of photographs to improve model looks and skin, and if you really want you can do the full facelift simulation to see what you would look like if you yourself went under the knife. A really useful start-out airbrushing tool for beginners.
free virtual makeover app

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