The majority of mobile applications for creating photo books available today are more geared towards creating printed products from selections of your digital photos. The newly launched free storyboard app for iPad, Memorability is a different kind of photo book authoring software, instead allowing you to create beautiful digital photo books to view on your different devices and share with friends and family over email or social networks. The app even give you the option to add a narrative, which is a particularly nice touch for sharing the photos when you are not there to provide a live description.

free storyboard appUpon launching you are given the option to sign up for an account or use your Facebook account to use Memorability. If you just want to test the app then you can opt to do this later. Immediately you can recognise that the interface is really user-friendly with directions provided if necessary. Tapping icons in either top corner brings up the tools and options menus from where you can begin to build your photo book. The free version has a wide variety of themes to choose from or you can obtain access to more themes by purchasing the in-app premium upgrade.

Once you have chosen your them then you need to choose the photos that will be used in the photo book. You can pull your photos from your Facebook photo collection or the iPad photo library and designate the images that you wish to use. free storyboard appYou can then position your photos on each page using a drag-and-drop tool which allows you to choose the layout and add text and audio to your photo page. The app lets you add as many pages as you need to complete your photo book. After all as you are not printing it you do not need to worry about ink or paper costs. A few more editing options such as the ability to add effects or resize the image on the page would be good but the finished result looks great nonetheless.

After completing the album it is possible to share it with friends either via emailing the link to the album or posting it on Facebook or Memorability’s own social network which is similar to Instagram.

free storyboard app

The Good

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Add audio and text to photo albums
  • Quick sharing

The Bad

  • Limited editing options

The Verdict

For creating easily-navigable feature-rich photo albums quickly then Memorability does provide the one-stop solution for the iPad user. There are enough themes and style effects to create professional-looking designs and the social networking integration makes it a doddle to share your finished albums. While it might lack in a few features for creating totally customised digital albums, its simple-to-use interface makes it the perfect option for the busy person to display their photos and for those who want a little more from the app then extra features can be unlocked by purchasing the premium version.

free storyboard app

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