In the age of digital photography and cameras being attached to other devices such as smartphones, people are taking and sharing many more photographs. Creating a collage from a selection of photos of an event can make a great gift or way of remembering the event. Picture Collage Maker a free photo collage app from Pearl Mountain developers allows you to create cool picture collages on your iPhone or iPad and share them online via email or social media.

free photo collage appOnce you have launched the app you are given the option to start a project, use a template or view the gallery if you are connected via Facebook. Adding photos is a breeze and images can be imported from the device camera, Facebook or the photo library.

Starting your own project is the best option if you want to create a completely unique look but the templates can be helpful for those who would prefer an easier design. With the app tools you can add photos to the collage and arrange them on the page as well as adjust the snaps by adding effects, colour enhancements, cropping and a host of other tools to improve your photos for the collage. You can additionally add text, backgrounds and clipart objects to create a unique designpicture collage maker2 and drag the various collage components around the screen and resize them until the layout is just how you want it. The app interface is really easy to use and is not hampered by the small screen of the iPhone, allowing you to create eye-catching collages with little difficulty.

Once you have completed your design then it can be shared in-app via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr, as well as saved to your photo library or emailed to a contact. The size of the image can also be adjusted between small (600×900), middle (800×1200) and large (1600×2400) depending on how big a file size you want and where you wish to display your masterpiece.

The Good

  • Large selection of frames, clipart, background patterns and colours to add effect to your collage
  • Templates to assist in collage creation
  • Allows a connection with social media for sharing or allows you to work with no connection

The Bad

  • Only 30 photos permitted at one time

The Verdict

Picture Collage Maker offers an easy solution for creating eye-catching collages with a variety of effects to share your snaps in an interesting way. The simple interface and detailed tools in the app really allow you to create easy designs. Limitations are that you can only add up to 30 photos to a collage but for most displays that really shouldn’t be an issue. The app is currently free in the app store and performs equally well on the iPad despite being originally optimised for iPhone. Download it to test it out and you will be creating beautiful collages in minutes.

free photo collage app

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