Although this is a feature which has been included on some smartphones in the past, the new Fake Me Out of Here 2 app allows you to free yourself from any awkward situation or scenario that you want to get out of quickly by faking a call to your Android phone so that you have to leave and answer it. The lite version is available free and includes simulated fake call screens, identical phone ringtones and can be activated simply by shaking the phone with no need to touch the screen. This app could really be a problem solver.
fake me out of here 2 app reviewSetting up the app once downloaded is a simple affair and the app allows you to fully customise your scenario evading options including scheduling an unlimited amount of calls and setting the look of your fake call screen to emulate that of the Android device that you are using. All major call screens are supported. The app can also be scheduled to start-up when you boot the phone, ensuring that you do not have to remember to turn it on and are always prepared.

Once the app is set up all you have to do is give it a shake to start an incoming call. If you don’t want to shake the phone then you can set up the app to be activate by touching one of the device buttons. The app can even be used on Android tablets as well to fake a call. The fake call screen will display a caller photo and number (customisable) so no suspicion is aroused when you go to answer the phone.

If you want even more features then you have the option to upgrade to the premium version which offers a playback audio to add extra realism, makes use of the proximity sensor to dim the screen when held to your face and adds the call to the call log. This is in addition to removing all app ads plus many more features.fake me out of here 2 app review

The Good

  • Fully customisable
  • Easily activated by different options
  • Realistic call simulation

The Bad

  • Ads in the main app

The Verdict

This app can be used in so many situations as well as the simple awkward situation avoidance. Fake a phone call from a beautiful girl to fool your friends, alone in the dark and want to feel safer if there are suspicious characters around, or simply want to play a prank, then this app is ideal. There might be the downside that it can be activated by unintentional shaking, but this can simply be passed of as a wrong number call. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages so download the app today and have the passport to get out of unwanted situations.

GET ME OUT OF HERE 2 app review

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