ConnectNow profile view With most of your contact data now available on your iPhone, it seems a little ridiculous to have to carry round a binder containing the business cards of all your contacts to be able to contact them when needed. ConnectNow is a new business card app for iPhone, which not only allows you to display your own digital business card on the network, including your social media profile info and all contact details, but also allows you to search for other people online and view their live location using a GPS tracker making it simple to arrange meetings. Essentially it sounds like a functions for many different apps contained in one. So does it work?

Once you have launched the app you have the option to sign up with Facebook account or email. You will then need to enter all of the data which you wish to be displayed on the digital business card. If you have signed up with Facebook then it will pull the information including profile and cover photos from your Facebook profile and you will need to enter extra social media accounts Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

After completion of your profile setup you can add other Facebook friends who also use the app and search for the details of other contacts in the ConnectNow database, filtering the search terms, by “Name,” “Company” and “Email.” What the app essentially does is remove the need to search through business cards for contact details, ConnectNow contact locatorrather just search the database using your iPhone.

As well as simply being able to access contact details, you can also view their activity on Twitter and Facebook, send them an email or any other activity that involves the social networks. This can all be done in-app without having to flip between apps on the phone.

The real-time GPS feature of the app allows you to zoom in on the area around you and find out which of your contacts are in the vicinity, making it a simple affair to remain connected and arrange meetings.

The Good

  • Access information easily
  • Integrates well with social media
  • GPS tracking system makes finding nearby contacts a breeze
  • Eliminates need to carry lots of business cards to locate a contact’s information

ConnectNow add contact

The Bad

  • Only for iPhone currently
  • Contacts have to be ConnectNow users for you to be able to access their information

The Verdict

ConnectNow combines all the current connections you have in your life through your various social networking profiles and the ones that you need to make through business activity. It reduces the need to carry a collection of contact business cards but is rather dependent on your contacts also being a member of the network, which as this is a new app might take some time. At this time it is only limited to iPhone users which relies on your contact to have one. However the combination of the GPS locator, contact search and social network integration make this a solid app and it will be interesting to see if this catches on, especially if there is a release on Android.

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