iPhones and Android smartphones include excellent cameras as part of the device features but learning to use them or any other camera such as a normal point-and-shoot or DSLR to the maximum potential. Simply keeping a camera on “Auto” mode is wasting so much and you could take much higher quality photos. Elements of Photography is a free photo app available for both iOS and Android devices to teach you better photography techniques.

free photo appThe app is basically a presentation app and from the moment you boot it up, a well laid-out interface gets you started. Already this is easier than using a complicated text book and you simply have to tap on the section that you wish to view. Just to note that the free version only includes the “Basic Section 1” module which outlines material on focal length, shutter-speed, ISO settings and aperture as well as tips on selecting the ideal camera for your preferred photography. Paying for the upgrade via an in-app purchase gives you access to even more material such as calculating your depth of field and HDR photography and loads of additional information.

free photo appThe chapters are well organised and present valuable information. A critical point is that the app does not include all methods of learning, as it is lacking in video or animation, which might assist some people in better understanding concepts, however the app can still be classed as interactive as you can click on pictures to better understand concepts and it is an excellent way to begin to understand how to use your camera more effectively. There may be a few alternative free photo apps but you might just find that Elements of Photography suits your purposes down to the ground if you only need images and text to help you learn.

The Good

  • Well laid out interface
  • Graphics assist learning concepts

The Bad

  • No video or animation support
  • Only one chapter free

The Verdict

As a free photo app Elements of Photography provides a useful starting point to learning advanced photograpjhy techniques and graduating from simply using the auto mode on a camera to point and shoot. The concepts you can learn through the information on the app can help you to capture excellent images and select the ideal camera for the subjects you want to photograph. Yes the app does not include video or animation support, unlike some of its rivals, however the way the information is presented compensates for this flaw. The best advice is to download it and see how it can help you. After all it is free!

free photo appfree photo app

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