File transfer protocol clients for Mac are a primary way for OSX users to upload website files to web server folders. FTP clients allow you to manage your web server file structure remotely without ever having to access it directly. Connection between your Mac and the web server is made through the FTP client via the Internet and despite the rise in cloud technologies, is still a preferred way for businesses to transfer their web files. While it is possible to get a range of high-quality paid FTP clients for Mac, there are a few free file transfer protocol options that you might want to consider.

Filezillafile transfer protocol

Filezilla is a simple and easy-to-use free FTP client for Mac. From the moment you connect to your web server you can view the full file structure as well as the local file folder for easy transfer. Additionally you can view the response from the server and the status of each transfer to keep you fully updated.

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Cyberduckfile transfer protocol

Another popular FTP client for Mac, Cyberduck offers easy file transfer, with drag-and-drop features and a host of extra features such as Amazon S3, Rackspace and Google integration. Like Filezilla you can save multiple access configuration for running a multitude of sites and if you wish to get rid of the “Donate” advert then you can also choose to purchase the premium version of the app.

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Classic FTPfile transfer protocol

If you do not need a feature-rich FTP client then Classic FTP is a viable option, with a plain interface and an easy drag-and-drop file transfer protocol between local and server folders. Aside from the file transfer the app doesn’t do anything else but is an adequate solution as a basic FTP client.

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Fire FTPfile transfer protocol

Fire FTP is a file transfer protocol client extension for users of Mozilla Firefox on Mac. Once you have installed the extension, FireFTP functions in a similar way to other FTP clients allowing you to transfer files between your local and remote servers. If you use the Firefox browser on Mac then this option could save you the trouble of having an extra app installed.

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One Button FTPfile transfer protocol

Like Classic FTP, One Button is a clean and simple file transfer protocol app. Features include drag-and-drop file transfer between local and remote servers and the ability to queue files for upload when you are working offline or with a poor web connection.

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