Free backup software is essential in keeping your computer files safe. The files whether you like it or not are always at risk of being lost, from the potential dangers of viruses, malware, system failure or plain human error. To make matters worse think about what information you keep stored on your computer. Odds-on it is all your music, movies, work documents and photos plus more. Rather than risk disaster it is a must to back up your computer frequently. There are a few ways in which you could do this such as copying them to an external hard drive, cloning your drive, storing online, or create a backup image of your system. There is a range of free backup software which can assist you in this.

FBackupfree backup software

FBackup is free backup software with a simple-to-use interface and a selection of plug-ins enabling you to back up specific programs such as browsers, email clients or media players with one click, as well as providing customisable filters. It is also possible to run “mirror” backups where all files are copied without being zipped greatly simplifying file restoration.

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Backup Makerfree backup software

Backup Maker is a free backup software for personal use enabling you to make incremental or full backups. Features include customisable filters, backup scheduling, compression and encryption. Bonus features are support for online backups to FTP servers and commencing backups automatically when you connect a USB storage device. Backups are stored in zip files.

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Cobian Backupfree backup software

While it might not be first choice for you if you are new to file backup, for more experience users Cobian is a feature-rich free backup software. You can have control over all aspects of the backup process with over 100 adjustable settings and do full, differential and incremental backups. Normal features included are customisable filters, backup scheduling and the ability to backup from and to FTP servers and many more.

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AOMEI Backupperfree backup software

A more simple free backup software is AOMEI Backupper, which boasts a straightforward interface, simplifying the process of creating a backup image of your drive. All you have to do is select the drive or program to be backed up, the destination and the backup image can be created with a single click. Features include the ability to make full, differential or incremental backups, restore specific partitions from the backup image and disk cloning tools. However backups must be initiated manually as you can’t schedule backups with AOMEI.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Freefree backup software

EaseUS Todo BackUp Free is a free version of the commercial EaseUS Todo Backup software, so has a couple of limitations as expected. However as a free backup software for personal use it is more than capable, with the ability to fun image and file-based backups, either full or incremental. Backups can be scheduled or initiated manually and you can clone or wipe drives if necessary and

Just like most free (for personal use) editions of commercial products, EaseUS Todo Backup Free has a few limitations – but the package still has more than enough features for most people.
The program can run both image and file-based backups, for instance, manually or on a schedule. You’re able to run full or incremental backups (but not differential).

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