Stick cricket partnerships the best cricket game for iOS and AndroidAs the Ashes cricket series between England and Australia is one of the sports events of the summer the popularity of cricket games for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets is rising. A contender for the best cricket game is Stick Cricket Partnerships a batting game which enables you to play WITH another real player not against them, and build a score towards computer-set targets.

The game has two modes in which you can play by yourself with an “All-Star” computer batting partner styled on one of the greats of the game such as Glenn McGrath, Geoffrey Boycott, or Sachin Tendulkar for example, or with another real player from a random online selection or your Facebook or email contacts.

Stick cricket partnerships the best cricket game for iOS and AndroidThe controls for the actual gameplay feature are extremely simple and involve you tapping the screen to the left or the right of the batsman depending on the direction in which you wish to hit the ball. Timing is crucial as is direction, based on the line the ball is bowled to you on. Bad timing or playing the wrong shot will result in losing your wicket. Good timing will score you six runs, four runs, three runs or two runs. Once the strike (person hitting) is alternated, you must wait for your parter to play.

Starting with the mode where you can play with real partners. You can set up an unlimited amount of partnerships as you work your way through batting levels consisting of a range of challenges such as surviving for a certain number of owners or hitting a number of boundaries.Stick cricket partnerships the best cricket game for iOS and Android You alternate the partnership between whoever has the strike, meaning it can take a long time to complete a challenge with a single partner. To prevent you from being bored, you can work on your partnerships with others as you wait for the strike to return to you in another partnership. If you or your partner fails by losing their wicket then you have to restart the batting level. Reaching targets earns you Stick dollars which can be spent on in-game rewards such as better cricket bats, dodgy umpires who will give you a “not-out” referral decision and better “All-Star” batting partners.

The “All-Star” mode allows you to bat with one of the greats and you must pick the best batsman to work with you towards a target from “Bunnies,” “Pinch-hitters,” Stick cricket partnerships the best cricket game for iOS and Android“Nightwatchmen,” “Biffers,” “Accumulators,” “Immovables,” “Sloggers,” “Legends,” and “Invincibles.” This mode can also be played when your device is offline.

The Good

  • Simple game controls
  • Highly addictive game as you work with other players not against them
  • Run multiple partnerships to earn points and keep active

The Bad

  • Not the most in-depth cricket simulation

The Verdict

Stick Cricket Partnerships is a highly addictive cricket game, taking advantage of social network integration and online connections to allow you to effectively play a multiplayer game and work with other towards targets. While it might not be the most realistic or graphically-rich simulation most cricket fans will love this game and share in the joys and frustrations as they attempt each challenge.

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