ClipChat is the newest social network that has an innovative way for users to share photos and videos with their iPhone or Android smartphone. The app allows you to send videos of up to 5 seconds and photos to your network friends and followers. Once the images or videos have been viewed by you friend then they are deleted from the system. This enables a “chat” type of sharing with media items and the network is secure to allow you to share those private moments. Check out the ClipChat app review below for further details.
clipchat app reviewThe first thing that you notice about ClipChat is that it really does appear to be a SnapChat clone with no massive difference which will entice current SnapChat users to make the transfer over. In fact there are more limitations with only 5 seconds of video allowed.

That being said, Clipchat has a good-looking, simple-to-use interface and claims to have super-encryption to keep data shared between network members private. You can only share with friends and followers who are Clipchat members approved by you, and messages can easily be deleted with a simple swipe gesture on the screen.
Clipchat features: 5 seconds of a image or video, that the receiver must hold down on the screen to view. After the 5 seconds the video or image will disappear forever.

Clipchat claims to use industrial-strength encryption

The Good

  • Simple-to-use good-looking interface
  • Quick sharing between network members

clipchat app review

The Bad

  • No real difference from already established SnapChat
  • Video messages limited to 5 seconds

The Verdict

ClipChat promises a lot, but once tested, the app falls short of what will be required to draw users away from the already very-popular SnapChat. The limitations on the video and lack of innovations leave you with a good functional app, but with no real reason to download it if you already use an alternative.

clipchat app review

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