For those of you who have been trawling through all of the different articles on Jabbersite about the fantastic variety of quality programs and downloads that you can find online, it can seem like too much information. I mean yes all these free programs are great but which ones do you actually need? To help you out I have put together this quick list of some of the best free stuff online today halfway through 2013. I have picked several different uses for items you might find free online and only recommend good sources. Check it out.
free stuff onlineMost of us are now running two or more devices with a desktop PC, tablet and mobile phone being common technical accessories and tools for everyday use. As such it is now a necessity to have programs that can sync between different devices and platforms to enable you to run your tasks from anywhere. Tools that we recommend for this include Google Drive, which is a cloud drive similar to Dropbox, however gets the nod ahead as it has the added bonus of working with all the different Google applications available such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Chrome to name a few. Google initiatives for accessing information on another device do not stop there either as Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access other computer’s desktops from inside the Chrome browser (if you have been given a password key), a superb feature if you need to assist someone with something on their PC.

free stuff onlineContinuing on the cross-browser and platform subject, Evernote is an extremely popular free note-taking app which can be used on iOS, Android, Windows and OSX devices and automatically syncs the notes/photos/document images you take between devices instantly. Evernote also boasts a suite of complimentary apps such as Penultimate for jotting down notes and drawings on your tablet or smartphone and Hello for monitoring your contacts and calendars.

If entertainment is your fancy then Crackle from Sony is a great source for watching movies free online, and Spotify has quickly become one of the leaders for streaming music and has apps available for desktops, tablets and smartphones running different platforms as well as web-browser-based services. Viewing your DVDs on devices can be helped by using Handbrake to extract the video files and optimise them for use on specific devices. Even transferring files between your PC and Android device can be done wirelessly using the free AirDroid application from within a web browser to manage your Android device.

free stuff onlineFree apps can in some cases even work better than a number of their paid-for competitors such as in the case of the social media based GPS navigation app Waze, which is a must for drivers who want to use their device to find the way and keep updated on traffic, hazards and other issues that might affect their journey time.

This is just a small selection of the best free stuff online but count on it, if you use this free software you will not be disappointed.

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