Do you have the original Hipstamatic photo app and wish to add more features to it in order to make it a more abstract version of Instgram? The latest free app from Hipstamatic is Hipstamatic Oggl, a photographic app which make these ideas a reality. At the time of writing Oggl is invitation only, however once you have downloaded the app you can request an invite from within. A pain-in-the-butt, but is it worth it? Our Hipstamatic Oggl app review below will explore this.
hipstamatic oggl app reviewThe Oggl interface is simple and straightforward to use with well illustrated buttons and when you first open the app you will be directed to the community feed and view the latest photos uploaded by users. Like most apps you can pull down to refresh and tap on the thumbnail to view captions, timestamp and uploader, as well as like and share. By accessing the app sidebar you can search by keyword or category and view author picks and “what’s hot.”

In the business of capturing your own photos rather than viewing everyone else’s work, you simply need to tap the “capture” button at the top of the screen. You can select and customise your favorite camera presets with different effect and lens combinations, which are optimised for portrait, landscape, nightlife, food and sunset. Once you have selected your preferences the live preview shown on the camera screen will be amended. As such whenever you wish to change the effect you just have to tap the yellow button to go to preferences, where you can change the combination to improve the effect for the photo, as well as add a photo caption or share the image on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

The app comes with a selection of five different lenses and five film styles for you to create combinations of and really bring your photos to life. Unfortunately you cannot import any existing images on your phone into the app and if you wish to access more lenses and films hipstamatic oggl app reviewthen a paid for tri-monthly or yearly subscription can be paid in-app. To be honest though with different combinations between five films and five lens effects you should have enough to get you started and use.

The Good

  • Add different style effects to improve photos
  • Good looking and simple-to-use interface
  • Easy social network sharing

The Bad

  • Invitation only (at time of writing)
  • Cannot import library photos
  • Instagram sharing issue

The Verdict

Hipstamatic Oggl can seriously enable budding iPhoneographers to improve their photography with the device, with the range of 125 lens/film combinations available. While it has a few glitches and is currently invitation-only, for a free app you really are getting a useful tool and it is worth the hassle. We highly recommend downloading this app and give it a try to see if you can produce the next masterpiece photo.

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