Competition amongst browsers and devices is more fierce than ever as companies stive to make their product as user-friendly and high-performance as possible. In today’s climate, surfing the web is one of the main functions of a Windows PC and loads of free browsers have been developed to assist Windows users in getting the best browsing experience possible. So which one should you use? Well it is a question of what you want from the browser, be it speed, plugins, HTML5 compatibility or high privacy. Below we list the best free browsers currently available for Windows.

Google Chrome

best free browsers
Whilst all browsers are pretty high up for speed nowadays, Google Chrome offers you the ability to be able to sync your browsing between all devices that you have Google Chrome on, which can be a great feature for Windows users who want to be able to sync with their browser on their iPad, iPhone or Android device, unlike other browsers which keep syncing between devices running the same or similar operating systems. Chrome has a plethora of useful add-ons to be used in-browser and a simple-to-use interface and aesthetically pleasing display window. In short, its fast, functional and can be used and synced across different devices, making it our favorite browser of choice for Windows users today.

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Mozilla Firefox

best free browsers
Although Chrome and Opera have been fast catching it up, Mozilla Firefox remains the leader for browser add-ons, boasting a combination of add-ons, App Tabs for web apps and Greasemonkey scripts. Firefox does offer Firefox Sync although the lack of an iOS Firefox browser, means that Windows users wishing to sync their browsers between their PC and iPad/iPhone will be out of luck with Firefox. It has the same comparable top speeds as the other browsers and hi-quality privacy options (which incidentaly need to be enabled when you first launch Firefox) making it another top free browser choice for a Windows PC.

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best free browsers


The original alternative web browser to Internet Explorer, Opera actually can be considered much more than a browser nowadays, packing integrated email, newsgroups and IRC chat. It also can be used for file sharing via the Unite file server, and boasts Opera Turbo to improve performance on mobile connections. It has a simple layout with a nice touch being the sidebar-style widgets for games web applications and utilities.

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Internet Explorer

best free browsers
Although put in the shadow by some of its competitors in the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 takes advantage of the new trend for minimalistic layouts and provides one of the fastest web browsing experiences in a simple-to use format. It has been adapted to use on touch screens, which makes it the browser of choice for Windows 8 users and perhaps the fastest browser available for Windows 7. A top privacy feature of the new IE is the Tracking System, which enables you to block specific kinds of tracking such as advertisers who really want to sell stuff to your kids. For Windows XP and Vista users though, I’m afraid you are out of luck as IE10 does not support these operating systems anymore, so another browser would have to be considered, especially to escape from poorer previous versions of Internet Explorer.

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