Just a few days ago Twitter launched their new music service. Named “Twitter Music,” the new app has been released as a free app for the iPhone with a web version to follow. Interestingly enough Twitter has not yet released an Android app yet (23.4.13) however we assume that it cannot be far behind. The app provides links to music from iTunes, Spotify and Rdio and provides features that allow you to Tweet songs, see “Tweet Song Charts” and follow your favorite music artists. Essentially a combination of Twitter’s useful features with your music playing apps. So does it work?
twitter music app reviewtwitter music app reviewMusic is drawn into the app as mentioned through iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. If you have a Spotify or Rdio account then you can listen to tracks directly within the app, while you can listen to previews from iTunes and then visit the store to purchase. Twitter does say that it is looking to add more music services so we will watch with baited breath to see the next development.

The app allows you to see which artists and tracks are currently popular across Twitter and highlights any emerging talent poised for success. In the “Now Playing” tab shows what the people you follow are currently listening to, and you can show your followers what you are listening to via tweets, which will show up in their “Now Playing” tab if they have the Twitter music app.

The interface works smoothly enough on the iPhone and links easily as expected to your Twitter accounts. At the time of writing it does work on the iPad but only as a smaller screen iPhone app, more suited to the iPod and iPhone. And as mentioned there is no app for those of you who have subscribed to the green robot of Android, which Twitter has promised will be available “over time,” which I think most will agree is not particularly helpful. Presently the app is live in UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

The app is not revolutionary but does function well and for those of you who like to use their Twitter features then this is sure to be popular.

Music fans will like the ability to follow artists on Twitter and due to the nature of the Twitter profile, in turn see what the music the artists are listening to and who they are following.
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