Disk defragmenters are software applications that will give utilise your computer or hard drive space to the maximum to give you optimal use of it. When a computer composes data into a file on your hard drive, the data is not necessarily placed together, with different sections of the files being written at different points on the disk, causing the program to run slowly as the computer wastres time retrieving the different file fragments from all over the disk. Fragmented disks can lead to a umber of PC problems including starting up slowly, running slowly, and uninitiated shutdowns. Defragmenting the disk will arrange your files and free hard disk space in a more orderly fashion, cutting down the time needed to read a file. Top defragmenters for your computer running Windows are available free of charge online for you to download and start cleaning up your disk drive.

Free Disk Defragmenters For Windows

free disk defragmentation software


Defraggler enables you to defragment either your entire hard drive, or just specific files or folders. It also has a “quick defrag” feature, which speeds up your drive and allows you to get on with your work, without having to commit to a full scan and defrag, which can take an age. It is even possible to set Defraggler to simply clean up the free space on your drive. The app is portable enabling you to run it from a portable drive between different PCs and an extra feature includes the ability to schedule your frags to keep your computer speed as fast as possible.

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free disk defragmentation software

My Defrag

My Defrag is highly organised defragmentation tool that can dramatically increase your computer speed. Originally known as JKDefrag, it is simple enough to fire up and order a defrag of your drive, however if you want to go in-depth under the bonnet the app includes scripts and scripting engines to adjust the tool. It arranges the most used files at the beginning of the hard disk and group files that are commonly used together, close to each other, resulting in a high efficiency and increased speed of your computer. That said, the defragmentation is a little slow and even provides a screensaver that can run while MyDefrag tidies up your drive.

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free disk defragmentation software

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag can be set to defragment either the entire hard drive or individual files and folders. It can additionally optimise the file system for faster reading and writing to files and give you in-depth reporting on a list of defragmented files. During defragmentation a visual map shows what is being worked on with different sectors being represented by differing colours. Defrags can be scheduled, as can shutting down the PC once work is complete, enabling your to leave it to run overnight, or while you are away from the PC.

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free disk defragmentation software

Ultra Defrag

Ultra Defrag is a fairly easy-to-use free open-source defragmentation software which is run from a powerful graphical user interface. In difference to many other defragmentation softwares, Ultra Defrag has been optimised to complete the jobs quickly, whilst still providing the best possible results. A minor quibble about Ultra Defrag is that due to its open source nature, configuration and reports are done vis “.txt” files.

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free disk defragmentation software

Windows Disk Defragmenter-Default Installation

Many commentators will observe that to defragment your drive, you do not need to download any more software as Microsoft already provide the Windows Disk Defragmenter as standard in all Windows packages. The built-in defrgamenter can be scheduled to perform defrags, and analyse and defragment your drives. While it lacks more advanced features such as the ability to defrag individual files and folders or to defrag an idle system, it does get the disks defragmented and is a more simple option for those who do not need all the added features or want to install extra software on their PC.

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