For any of you who are fans of “Indiana Jones,” “Tomb Raider,” or “The Mummy” film franchises then the free Temple Run 2 app is a must-have for your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet. This 3rd-person runner game from Imangi Studios is horrendously addictive and looks set to overtake the original Temple Run game app, which topped over 170 million downloads. The format is extremely similar to the first game with the character sprinting through ancient temple ruins to evade a beast , collecting coins and avoiding obstacles along the way.
temple run 2 reviewBoasting greatly improved graphics on the original, Temple Run 2 has highly detailed landscapes depicting the temple ruins, with extra features such as waterfalls, fire-breathing statues and mines within the temple caves. The graphics render fairly smoothly on most devices and the game world has you sliding down zip lines, jumping and sliding to avoid falls and overhangs, and tilting a mine cart to remain on a broken rail track. A minor issue that incoming text messages or emails can cause a slight lag on devices causing frustrating character life loss. However this issue has only been reported on certain devices and the ones we tested it on (iPad Mini) it ran perfectly smoothly with no lags at all.

From the moment you start the game you are continually moving to evade capture. If you accidentally clip something then you are given a second chance, with a warning as the beast appears behind your character, but any further lapses or falling off the path render “Game Over” with a sarcastic comment on your downfall. The game uses tried and tested controls, swiping to jump, slide and change direction and taking advantage of the device’s accelerometer using tilting to move to each side of the path or to tilt the player or mine cart to pick up the coins and gems that make up the game’s currency.

While the gem’s allow you to restart your level from where you lost your life, coins can be used to purchase in-game upgrades.temple run 2 review As with most freemium games, you can purchase extra coins and gems for real money via in-app purchases. The upgrades do help you achieve higher scores, which is why I am a little suspect about how much they add to the game, as you can improve your scores with real money, rather than determination and perseverance.

The Good

  • Great graphics
  • Different obstacles and good gesture control
  • Addictive

The Bad

  • In app purchases enable you to “buy” higher scores
  • Incoming notifications have been known to cause a lag in the game

temple run 2 review

The Verdict

Boasting great graphics, smooth gameplay and awesome features, Temple Run 2 is a highly addictive pick-up-and-pay solution to passing those moments of boredom and becoming ultra-competitive as you strive to beat your own and other player’s scores. There are few flaws in the game although it would be nice to see a game which just relies on your skill and determination, rather than pumping money to get better results. But still for a free game this offers hours and hours of fun.
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