With the thousands of apps that are out there, you really have to be selective in those that you choose to run on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. After all you only have limited space on the devices so naturally want the best apps. Well if you do any amount of travelling then the flight and hotel search tool Hipmunk should be and app you would consider using. Check out our Hipmunk App Review Below

hipmunk app review

First up I have to point out the ease of selecting your dates and destinations in both the flight and hotel sections of the app. There are no scrolling wheels to be played with here, all you have to do is view a calendar and tap the dates, and enter the destination into the designated text fields. If you wish to change the information then all you have to do is amend the text field and tap the update button and the search will be amended to see your new information. If you wish to conduct multiple flight searches at the same time (as many bargain hunters or people flying multi-leg journeys may wish to) then you can run them in separate tags. The app also remembers your search when you next open it, and will show you the up-to-date latest prices, saving you the trouble of having to re-enter the search criteria.

The flight search results are displayed in a Gantt chart-style display and ordered according to Hipmunk’s unique “Agony meter.” The agony meter does not group your flight options only by price, but also by how many legs or stopovers the flight has, and total flight duration, as well as the times of day for departure and arrival, displayed at both the departure airport hipmunk app review and destination.So you really are presented with all the information about the flight and you can easily compare against the other options. You can also choose to filter the results by “departure time, “number of stopovers” and “direct flights only,” a great tool for those who want to avoid red-eyes or multiple stop journeys. Once you decide which flight you want then you tap on it and are redirected to the browser on your device and the relevant merchant website. This can prove a little annoying, especially if you have to input large amounts of data for the booking. But never fear. Hipmunk gives you the option of emailing the flight results to yourself so that you can access them and book from a larger device later on, which can be more preferable to some who do not wish to type a lot on their small iPhone or Android device.

hipmunk app reviewThe hotel search part of the app doesn’t disappoint either. Once you have entered your destination and desired dates you are presented with a list of available hotels and a map of the area showing the hotels and their locations. At this point using the “filter” menu you can choose to turn on the “heat map” feature, which displays how close the hotel is to the local attractions and services. One drawback to the filter tool is that it does not have many options to filter your hotel choice by, in comparison to dedicated hotel apps such as Agoda and Booking.com. But this aside you can locate the hotels, click to book them and you are redirected to the agent via the device browser. One final feature that the hotel search tool provides is the ability to read the TripAdvisor review on the hotel, a possible deal breaker for some people.

The Good

  • “Agony meter” lets you visually compare price, changes and flight durations to really give you an idea of your bookings.
  • Tab system allows you to run multiple searches at the same time.
  • Good visual aids for hotel selection such as the hotel-locator map
  • Simple to use “tap” date slectiosn. No mucking around with scroll wheels
  • Heat maps for features such as attraction and shopping make hotel selection more intuitive
  • Email option if you do not want to enter loads of data into an iphone
  • Calendar integration
  • The Bad

    • Redirected to agent website for booking
    • Hotel map can look cluttered on smaller smartphone screens
    • Not many hotel filter options

    The Verdict

    Lots of apps are available out there for flight selection such as Skyscanner, Momondo or Expedia, however the functionality of the Hipmunk app as well as its presentation and ease of use put it to the top of the list when you are looking for a flight or hotel search app. The hotel search tool while useful is really lacking in features compared to more dedicated apps, however it can provide useful insights on hotel locations, and to be honest the app is worth getting just for the flight search tool alone. Do not leave home without it.

    hipmunk app review

    hipmunk app review

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