The social news aggregation app Flipboard continues to have a presence in our “Top iPad” app reviews and for good reason. The app makes excellent use of the larger tablet real estate (9.7 inch display on the iPad and 7.9 inch display on the iPad Mini) and really puts more traditional RSS readers to shame, as it takes advantage of the device connectivity to layout your allotted blog posts, social network feeds, media articles, images and videos into a print experience. The addition of the “Magazine” function in the most recent update has further enhanced the functionality of the app, enhancing it as a great place to aggregate all your updates in one place and eliminating the need to trawl multiple sites.

flipboard for iPad review

Flipboard for iPad Review

The design of the Flipboard app is to allow you to move between content items and feed using swiping and tap gestures, giving the appearance of its namesake. When you open Flipboard, you will be taken to the main page. You can set the feeds that you want to receive in your own Flipboard profile as well as have Flipboard trawl for multiple feeds from its partners about a subject category such as “News” or “Sport.” Audio and video categories make it possible to view and listen to streamed content through the app from your favourite sources and Flipboard makes it incredibly easy to discover new content as you move through the different pages and all you have to do is simply tap the “+” to add it to your library.

The newly introduced magazine feature lets you create magazines from collections of articles you have read and enjoyed. You simply click the “+” button on the story and elect to create a magazine.Repeat this process to add to the magazine, which you can then share on a number of the large social flipboard for ipad reviewsnetworks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr. While it also says that there is an email option, what the recipient will actually receive is a link to Flipboard in the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

A little more on the social networking aspect of Flipboard, which now can display your social feeds from networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, plus a few more. As well as view feeds you can also share articles that interest you and update your status. The Flipboard layout displays the content really well, depending on whether it is an image, post, video or status, making the app a great substitute for visiting the network itself.

The Good

  • Easy swiping navigation
  • Print style layout
  • Video and audio file streaming
  • Social network integration and sharing
  • News and blog aggregation service
  • Magazine builder

The Bad

  • Cannot share magazines properly via emails

The Verdict

Flipboard’s window pane and print layout makes finding and reading different articles and content online a breeze and with its updating feature, it is the closest you can get to a “Live” magazine on the iPad. You can read all the interesting news and keep up-to-date with your social networks and favourite blogs and feeds without having to go to-and-fro from different websites. It is easy to navigate and a joy to use. Full marks.Oh and did we mention it is FREE?
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Flipboard is also available for iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets and Amazon Kindle.

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