Evernote is a clipping-and-organising tool that has become indispensable to its following of millions around the world. The application is available for iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices, as well as in Windows and Mac OSX desktop versions and as a plugin for a number of browsers. What the app essentially allows you to do is take notes or copy portions of your screen as photo notes. These notes are then synced across all of your devices via your free Evernote account, making Evernote a fantastic tool for recording your thoughts or taking notes on-the-go.

Evernote App ReviewThe notetaker itself has some cool features over other note taking apps such as the ability to play with the font, size and color of the text and add hyperlinks, numbers and bullet-points with ease. After testing a number of the top free note-taking programs I can confidently say that Evernote is the best I have used, and that is before taking into account its other features.

The free version of Evernote cloud storage allows you to download up to 60MB every month (with the paid version starting at 1GB). This is more than enough to get started with although the ads supporting the free version can be a trifle annoying.

On iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices, Evernote includes extra features, which add a great deal of functionality to the app.Evernote App Review These include the ability to take photos with your device camera and have them immediately saved to your Evernote cloud and take photos of documents to have the digital version immediately available on each device you use. You can also tag your notes, PDFs and photos with keywords, GPS location and audio notes. On iOS devices equipped with Siri it is also possible for you to dictate notes directly into Evernote, an incredibly useful function when you require the use of both hands.

Familiarisation with the Evernote apps is fairly simple, with no real deep-hidden tricks to use. The smartphone and tablet versions take advantage of the extra feature capabilities as mentioned above while the desktop versions allow you to Evernote app reviewEvernote App Review pass anything you might encounter when on a conventional PC which you would like to note, straight to your cloud account. On older smartphones such as the iPhone 3GS Evernote has been noted to run sluggishly and occasionally crash, however on newer versions this problem is not evident.

The Good

  • Paperless organising system
  • Capture notes and screen clips and effortlessly sync them across devices
  • Save documents digitally and capture photos through Evernote
  • Tag your photos with keywords and location for easy searching
  • Do not lose important files as they are saved in cloud storage
  • Continue work on any device after saving it in Evernote

The Bad

  • Crashes on old iPhones
  • You could turn into an organisation maniac

The Verdict

Evernote allows you to completely replace paper filing systems and the cloud access enables you to access them from anywhere. The speed in which you can sync between devices and access your files as well as the integration with mobile device features, make this a must-have app that any one who is serious about organisation and protecting their files against theft or accidental loss. A few faults and yes eventually you might have to upgrade to the paid version. But the app does exactly what is says on the tin and is well worth downloading.
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