Although computer sales are rising all the time, manufacturers and retailers are reporting a change in the number of people opting to buy desktop or laptop PCs, instead opting for the more mobile and smaller tablets such as the Apple iPad or various devices running Android systems. Purchasing a tablet is generally cheaper than buying a PC, however some people wonder how much use an iPad or other tablet would actually be for them. To help you make up your mind we have picked out the top 10 best uses for an iPad or Android tablet and included links to free apps that can be used for these purposes.

best uses for an ipad

1. Surf the Web

All tablets have some form of Internet connectivity whether it be through just a WiFi connection or 3G/4G as well. Surfing the web from anywhere and quickly is one of the top uses for many people who find that their home PC has become little more than a web browser. Many of the top browsers are available free on iPads and other tablets and make web browsing a much more easy and casual experience.

Free Apps for Surfing the Web

best uses for an ipad

2. Keep Your Social Media Profiles Updated

Social media plays a big part in many people’s lives now with opinions, news, photos, videos and much more being shared across the various social networks. Almost all the major social networks have dedicated apps to improve your social media experience on your iPad or other tablet, most of which can be downloaded for free.

Free Social Media Apps

  • Facebook- iOS / Android
  • Twitter- iOS / Android
  • LinkedIn- iOS /Android
  • best uses for an ipad

    3. Use as an eReader to Read Books

    Tablets of smaller sizes, especially the iPad Mini are excellent tools for reading books. There are a few apps available which convert your iPad or other tablet into an eReader, which you can purchase and download free books for. You can then have hundreds of books and magazines on your tablet with no extra weight in storage, and the eReaders offer you the ability to select the background, font, text size and colour of your content to sure you get the optimal reading experience.

    Free eReaders

    best uses for an ipad

    4. Play Games

    Playing games on iPads and Android tablets has now seriously threatened dedicated gaming consoles and handheld device’s share of the market. You can get hundreds of games for the iPad with top quality graphics and gameplay, eliminating the need to carry multiple devices.
    Free Online Games

    5. View and Edit Photos

    While it is nice to be able to show photos to people from your iPhone, the size of a tablet screen makes them ideal for displaying and editing photos. Tablets come with built in applications for displaying and there are a wide variety of apps available to edit and display your photos on your tablet as well as share them on the various social networks.
    Free Photo Viewers

    6. Watch Videos

    The size of tablets makes them great mobile devices for watching videos on, and killing time in airports, or on journeys, or overnight stays. Android tablets and iPads come with built-in video viewing apps, however you also have the choice to download video viewers for viewing from streaming sites such as YouTube.
    Watch Videos for Free

    7. Listen to Music

    Listening to music from your stored music is possible through native apps on your tablet, which enables you to listen to music on the go, however there are also a few sites that allow streaming of music for you to listen to. Additionally you can find apps that can find you the track name when you hear a song you like, but don’t know the title or artist and need assistance to find it.
    Free Music On Your Tablet

    8. Catch up with Your Email

    Keeping up to date with email is an important task for many of use, as people expect near instant responses in this digital age. While you can find native mail apps on tablets for managing your email accounts, there are a number of free alternative apps which you can use to send, receive and manage your emails for both work and leisure.
    Free Email Apps

    9. Keep up to Date with Work

    One of the fantastic features of iPads or Android tablets is the ability to use apps to catch up with work, when you are away from your computer. The size of the devices means you can easily read documents, and edit them using office compatible apps, before saving them in cloud storage accounts meaning that they are instantly available on any machine.
    Free Apps for Work

    10. Communications

    iPads and other tablets not only allow you to have access to email communications but you can also download apps which allow you to send instant messages and have voice and video chats over a 3G or WiFi connection. This enables you to talk to people all over the globe, whilst not having to pay premium rates for international calls.
    Free Communications Apps

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