Social networks have risen to become tools that businesses cannot afford to ignore. Using social media to build a following and share content with, has become a leading acquisition and retention tool for businesses, as more and more people interact online. While there are hundreds of free social networks to join, the best ones for businesses are those that enable them to best accomplish their purposes. What does the business want to achieve through the network. The five selected sites are each chosen for different qualities that they can offer a business and many of them can be linked together, such as sharing YouTube videos and Instagram photos on Facebook. Build your business through social media.

Social Networks for Business

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LinkedIn the the most prominent of business-related social networks enabling you to connect with like-minded people, suppliers and colleagues. It has fast become a quick reference site to find people maintain and build new business connections. You can join related groups to network, exchange information and discuss issues of common interest. LinkedIn also has a job section for posting and searching positions, but does require a lot of time spent on it to make it rewarding for your enterprise.

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Twitter is an instant-news service enabling you to quickly communicate with customers and build up a following, with short posts. Building a Twitter following can expose you to thousands more people especially if your tweets are interesting and constantly retweeted by your followers. Twitter allows you to add hashtags to posts to help others find it in searches. Interaction can be accomplished quickly and it is a great way to get news online for others to find.

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The social network with the largest number of users, Facebook is the best platform for establishing an in-depth connection with customers. Facebook features such as “Like” and “Share” buttons enable your posts and page to be virally sent out across the network’s users. On your business page you can show a timeline, upload photos and videos, post status updates and links and share relevant material to your followers. If you can build up a good following and give your followers reason to keep coming back and refer others then Facebook can be an invaluable tool for your business.

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Video footage can really add value to any text content you might have on your web pages. Google-owned YouTube is the major video sharing site on the web and enables you to upload, view and share videos to inform, entertain or educate people. Through running your own YouTube channel you can build up a regular following and make your videos searchable. While actually creating the videos can be costly this is a great way of sharing them for free. A number of careers and businesses have been launched through viral YouTube campaigns so it is definitely an option to conisder for a business. Video reviews can add realism to a product creating trust and in many cases sway a decision to purchase. Take advantage for your business and get your videos online.

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Posts on websites, blogs and Facebook attract a lot more attention when they are accompanied by illustrative photos. The application Instagram, which comes as an app for iOS and Android devices, allows you to take photos and then filter them with effects to add emphasis, emotion, retro and fun looks to your photos. Finally you can tag the photos to make them more discoverable on the network. Whilst you still need to compose good photos in the first place, Instagram can make them instantly more interesting, creating more chance of them being shared and “Liked” across the social networks, giving your business exposure.

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