VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has made it possible for Internet users to make free online calls to other members of the same VoIP network. This can dramatically cut costs for a business or if you want to make international calls which are traditionally charged at a premium rate. All you need to do to set up free VoIP calling is to sign up to a service and download the software to begin making free online calls immediately.

Top VoIP Providers for Free Online Calls


free online callsMicrosoft-owned Skype has established itself as one of the leading players in Internet calls, offering free computer to computer voice and video calls and instant messaging. Limited free conference calls between Skype users are also permitted, but like many other “free” services on the Internet there is the catch of having to pay rates to call to phone numbers and for video conference calling. This aside Skype has made it extremely easy to make free calls between Skype users and Skype applications are available for Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices, enabling Skype to be used away from computers.

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Google Voice

free online callsGoogle Voice is one of the more popular VoIP services and can be configured, maintained and used in a web-based application which is based on the Gmail model, meaning no downloads are necessary. You can however download apps to use on Android and iOS platforms. User to user voice and video calling are free and available Worldwide, while at the time of writing, user to phone services are only available in North America.

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VoIP Cheap

free online callsVoIP Cheap is a free application which requires you to sign up with a username and password, before being able to add contacts, send free SMS and call to other numbers. While free calls have conditions attached you can still get extremely cheap rates on international calls, meaning that it is well worth a look if you are calling abroad a lot. Different terms apply to different countries.

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free online callsLike Skype, OoVoo is a combination VoIP, video and instant messaging application that additionally allows you to have free video conferencing with up to 12 OoVoo users. It can be run on Android and iOS devices in addition to Windows and Mac desktop platforms and delivers top-quality audio and video performance for a free app.

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free online callsiCall is another application, which is similar to Skype, providing free voice and video calls, instant messaging and even free phone calls to phone numbers. Whilst the length of time that you can stay on the free call is limited to five minutes and adverts are played before you make the call, this is still a great deal. Free phone calling is only available to users in the USA and Canada, but there are still riduclously cheap rates for phone numbers in other countries, in addition to the free user to user calling, meaning iCall is definitely worth a look as a good VoIP provider.
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