Social media is rapidly becoming the leading area of marketing for businesses worldwide as they strive to get noticed and spread the word about their products and offers. To implement a successful social media campaign you need to research your market, create your content, encourage engagement, and analyse your campaign for strengths and weaknesses. There are loads of free social media tools out there to help you to run a successful social media campaign and we have picked the top ones to help you get started and assist you all the way through the campaign duration.

Free Social Media Tools- Listening

Listening can help you do in-depth research on your target market and identify whatb competitors are doing with their own campaigns. You can identify influencers and see which of the networks would be most suitable for your campaigns.

Social Mention

For a free solution, Social Mention is fairly solid. It allows you to enter your specific search keywords you want to listen for on the social networks and can search multiple or designated networks. Thus you can easily monitor what people are saying about you, your company, a product or any topic across the social networks on the web in real-time. Social Mention can really enable you to get a good start to your campaign as you find out what is being said out there on the web.

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Free Social Media Tools- Content Creation

Creating goodd content is crucial to a succesful social media campaign as good content encourages people to talk about it online through by commenting on it, “liking it” or sharing it on single or multiple networks. THe better the content is the more it can be encouraged to go viral.


There are literally millions of content creation tools out there but publishing platform WordPress is a great place for starters, enabling any business from small-time blogger to multinational company to create a web presence with blogs, videos and images. There are thousands of plugins available to make your site as user-friendly as possible and you can easily allow people to join and follow your site as well as share it on the different social networks. An easy solution for generating your web content.

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Free Social Media Tools- Engagement

Encouraging and managing engagement is crucial to ensuring that you have a successful social media marketing campaign. A great tool to use is a free dashboard for creating, monitoring and scheduling engagement of your campaigns.


Hootsuite is one of the best free dashboard options available for managing your social media campaigns.On the free version you can manage up to five different social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can schedule tweets across multiple networks, saving your the trouble of having to post individually on each one, and follow up on your posts by monitoring the engagement on the in-house analytics system. You can additionally listen on different social networks and monitor your own profile activity as well as your posting. To sum up Hootsuite is a great tool enabling you to keep track of all your social network activity in one place.

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Free Social Media Tools- Analytics and Insights

Viewing analytical reports on your website activity and traffic sources is crucial to understanding how successful your social media campaigns have been in creating traffic to your website. Analytics break down your website activity by time periods and different pages so you can really see what parts of your campaign are being successful and how customers use your website once they have been directed to it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best free program for tracking your website activity. You can add and verify multiple websites and pages to monitor activity on over different increments of time. You can view traffic sources, keywords, types of traffic and even traffic location, enabling you to build a customer profile and produce reports on the success of your traffic acquisition. The multi-channel funnels allow you to track visitor activity on different sources before purchase on your site and provide metrics of the impact on conversion.

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