Free antivirus for Mac is essential software to have on your OSX system. While Mac users have been know to boast that there are no viruses for Mac, this is not the case and any Mac owner should be as vigilante as a PC owner in protecting their computer from malware. A number of free antivirus options exist for Mac systems right up to the latest Mountain Lion version. Mac’s may be better protected than other PCs against viruses when they come out of the box, but do not count on every Apple update keeping the system virus-free. Get a free antivirus for Mac and keep malware off your system.

Free Antivirus for Mac


Avira has an easy interface to use, which also give quick access to advanced features. You have the choice when scanning of a quick-scan to check the important system files, a full system scan or a custom scan of selected files and folders. Avira additionally allows you to schedule scans and quarantine any malicious files.

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ClamXav is a graphical user interface for the open source ClamAV anrivirus engine, offering the same functionality that you can get in most premium antivirus applications. You can scan individual files, marked files or the entire system, allowing you flexibility, as well as schedule scans, quarantine suspect files and set the scanner to run when files are accessed. A feature-rich yet lightweight solution as a free antivirus for Mac.

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Comodo offers normal antivirus features of scheduled tasks, quarantining suspect files and automatically updating the virus profiles. It has a really simple-to-use interface with big colorful buttons, tabs and icons for easy navigation. Comodo is a great solution for anyone who is not particuarly tech-savvy just for its ease-of-use.

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Like Avira and Comodo, Sophos has normal antivirus features such as custom, individual file and full system scans, scheduling and automatic virus updates. Where it differs is in the interface, which is build with cocoa, making it appear to be a native Mac App and easy for people used to OSX to use. All tasks including scans and advanced tasks can be performed in just a couple of clicks. The best free antivirus for Mac for those who want it to be as “Mac-like” as possible.

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Avast! is one of the most popular antivirus solutions available online and offers a number of features that you cannot generally find in rival free programs. It offers scans on-demand and on-access, as well as email scans plus other web security offerings. Its one downside is that it does not support scheduled scanning in comparison to other free antivirus for Mac solutions. But definitely an option to consider for keeping your Mac free of viruses and malware.

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